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Netflix: Insiders star Peter travels the world as a DJ and engineer

Just when we thought that we’d seen all that we could in the reality TV world, from Naked Attraction to Married At First Sight and all the other concepts in between, Netflix gives us an original series called Insiders which flips the script on its contestants.

Insiders launched on Netflix in the US and Spain on October 21st and for four episodes the contestants have no idea what they’re taking part in. They’re under the illusion that they’re in the casting process for a reality TV show but they’re actually under 24-hour surveillance.

Screenshot: Peter Insiders – Netflix

Meet mysterious Peter from Insiders

Peter is an engineer during the day and a DJ at night. He said during the show: “I love knowing everything“.

He also added that his father got him into a school of magic: “I think that’s where I became so sly and involved with tricks.

During his introduction on Insiders, Peter said he uses the skills he’s learned in his normal life to take advantage of and trick people.

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What else do we know about Peter?

Besides what viewers have seen of Peter on Insiders, he’s actually very well-known outside of the Netflix show as he’s a globe-trotting DJ.

He has 11.6k monthly listeners on Spotify and a YouTube channel with 1.4k subscribers.

He’s performed all over the world at events such as Pacha, XS Las Vegas, Daydream and more.

Megastar FM wrote in 2017 that Peter’s music video for “All The Way” was a glimpse into a day in the life of the DJ. His best hits include “Himno de España” and “Dale Dj”.

Insiders | Tráiler oficial | Netflix España

Insiders | Tráiler oficial | Netflix España

Is Netflix star Peter on Instagram?

Yes! Insiders cast member Peter can be found on Instagram @peterbase with 23.8k followers.

Judging by his social media page, he’s a very ambitious person and looks to have travelled the world with his career as a DJ.

Peter also has a website of his own where he writes that he’s a DJ, producer and artist. The site features lots of photos and videos of him during his DJ sets.

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