MAFS Australia 2022's photo drama and wine glass smash explored

MAFS Australia 2022's photo drama and wine glass smash explored

It’s common for many episodes of dating and relationship shows such as Married At First Sight or Love Is Blind to be explosive and drama-filled. But, no one could’ve prepared viewers for what went down on MAFS Australia season 9 during 2022 episodes.

Selina, Brent, Ella, Jackson, Olivia, Tamara, Domenica and co have had quite the journey during their MAFS experience in season 9. A moment on the show that will probably of down in MAFS history involved an X-Rated photo and the aftermath is almost equally as bad as the initial drama according to MAFS 2022 fans on Twitter, so let’s get into it…

The Ultimatum | Official Teaser | Netflix

The Ultimatum | Official Teaser | Netflix

MAFS Australia 2022 photo drama explored

During MAFS Australia 2022 a nude photo of one of the show’s participants, Domenica Calarco, was leaked by her fellow cast member, Olivia Frazer.

Domenica and Olivia have been feuding throughout the series and during the show, Olivia had made negative comments about Domenica including that she would “burn her at the stake“.

After a photo from Domenica’s OnlyFans page was leaked by Olivia, it circulated the whole group on MAFS.

Speaking on The Today Show Australia, expert John Aiken said: “It’s a real-world issue that I’m glad came out. In this situation, they’ve shared a photo, they’ve not told her about it and then they’ve ambushed her at the dinner party.

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Domenica responds to the photo drama

In response to the nude photo drama, Domenica threw a MAFS finale screening party which featured decor that was “anti-Olivia”.

As per The Daily Mail Australia, Domenica hosted the party at her parents’ farm on the outskirts of Sydney on Sunday, April 3rd.

Domenica and the attendees of the party wore T-Shirts that read: “My body, my choice” in reference to the photo scandal.

The MAFS star is certainly turning the negative into a positive for herself as she’s now selling the T-Shirts online via Twitter. The tops costs $29.99.

Fans say Olivia and Dom are “as bad as each other”

Judging by Twitter, Domenica’s screening party has really got viewers divided.

One person tweeted: “The girl’s lost her job, uni degree and has people outside her house threatening her. Hosting a hate party like four months after everything happened, then publicising it too create more hate for her. I mean it’s just bullying innit.

But another said: “It was a private party for her friends and family. Of course, they are going to support Dom and boo at the screen. It was held at her parent’s farm, not at a city venue.

Someone else tweeted: “I don’t think it’s a hate party. It’s people standing up for anyone who has been absolutely bullied by people like Olivia. They’re not going to win.

MAFS season 9 glass drama explored

It’s no secret that MAFS’ Domenica and Olivia didn’t get along during season 9, but things were taken up a notch when Olivia recounted a story of Domenica smashing a wine glass.

Footage from the show revealed that Domenica didn’t stand over Olivia wave the broken glass as she suggested and Twitter users had a lot to say about the glass drama.

One viewer tweeted: “Domenica’s favourite part of this show” alongside a photo of a very long receipt.

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