What happened to Porky from Travels with My Father and who is Winston?

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father is back in 2021 with a brand new series. The comedian and his dad are travelling the UK during series 5 which dropped onto Netflix on Wednesday, September 15th.

For a fifth and final series, Jack, Michael and Hilary Whitehall go on some hilarious adventures including a trip to Loch Ness and a stay in a horse hotel. Let’s take a look at who Winston is, as well as what happened to Porky from Travels with My Father.

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Travels with My Father: Michael and Porky

During Travels with My Father series 3, Jack took his father, Michael, to California where they toured LA and Compton. It was in Compton that Jack and Michael met Porky.

Michael said on the Netflix series: “I absolutely loved Porky. And he kept calling me an ‘OG’ which I thought was slightly rude because I thought it was like an ‘OAP’… I thought you don’t have to keep referring to me as an ‘OG’ but, of course, that’s not what it meant.

Retired gangster, Porky, was clearly a fan of Michael, too, as during season 3 episode 1 he said: “You rockin’ that suit with that pink tie, you ain’t playing no games OG, you set the bar high.

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What happened to Porky?

During Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father s5 e3 ‘The Best of Travels with My Father’, Jack reveals that Porky actually passed away.

Jack said: “Porky is unfortunately no longer with us. Yeah, he’s sadly deceased.”

Michael replied: “That is so sad because I was really fond of him.

The father and son then toasted to Porky at the end of season 5.

Bakers Dozen | Official Trailer | A Hulu Original

Bakers Dozen | Official Trailer | A Hulu Original

Who is Winston from Travels with My Father?

Described by Jack as a “creepy little f***er“, Winston is a doll that Jack and Michael picked up in season 1 episode 2 while visiting Bangkok.

Michael said that he thinks of Winston as “the son he never had” and made his love for Winston pretty clear across the seasons of Travels with My Father.

Winston has joined the Whitehall’s on their travels since 2017. Five years later, Winston is still holidaying with the family during season 5. Season 5 episode 2 sees Winston strapped to Hilary’s body while visiting Scotland.

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