Who was Family Matters star Porsha Williams’ dad Hosea Williams II?
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Who was Family Matters star Porsha Williams' dad Hosea Williams II?

Porsha’s Family Matters is a brand new Real Housewives of Atlanta spin-off series that launched on November 28th, 2021. Following Porsha’s departure from RHOA in 2021, she’s now the main focus of her own show which shines a light on her relationship with Simon Guobadia.

The former RHOA star’s family and friends all feature on the Family Matters show – and Porsha’s got a big family! So, who is Porsha Williams’ dad Hosea Williams II and what happened to him? Let’s find out more.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta | Porsha’s Family Matters Trailer | Bravo

The Real Housewives of Atlanta | Porsha’s Family Matters Trailer | Bravo

Porsha’s family on Porsha’s Family Matters

As well as Porsha and Simon and their six combined children, there are many more cast members on Porsha’s Family Matters including her sister, Lauren, mother, Diane, aunt, Darlene, Porsha’s ex, Dennis, and his mother, Gina.

One person who isn’t on the Bravo show is Porsha’s father. However, the 40-year-old does speak of him on the show and has done in the past on RHOA.

Speaking of how she grew up on Porsha’s Family Matters episode 2, Porsha said: “When I was younger, I saw my mom being able to be around my step-mom.”

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Porsha Williams’ dad Hosea Williams II

Porsha Williams’ dad was Hosea Williams II, he passed away when Porsha was in her late teens.

Hosea Williams II was the eldest son of civil rights activist Hosea Williams. Porsha can be seen in old photographs with her grandfather, Hosea Williams, standing alongside Martin Luther King Jr.

Speaking to Bravo’s Daily Dish in 2019, Porsha said: “I lost my father years ago — he was a really special man. It’s hard at times, but keeping his memory alive is important to me.

How many siblings does Porsha have?

Porsha has a brother named Hosea and a younger half-sister named Lauren. Lauren’s mother, Lisa, can be seen attending a family barbecue during Porsha’s Family Matters episode 2.

Porsha is six years older than Lauren, which mean that Lauren was much younger when she experienced the loss of their father.

Although Lauren and Porsha have different mothers, speaking on her podcast, Porsha has commended her mother for managing to co-parent so well in the past.

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