Chuck Seitsinger is best known for revving his engine on Street Outlaws but, when he went to jail, Discovery fans were confused about the reason for his arrest. He has now revealed all.

Cars are the star’s big passion but there’s one area of his life that comes first: his family. So when he chose to “protect his children”, Chuck says he ended up getting arrested before he had officially left jail by April 21st 2022.

After missing the Florida race, he performed to his heart’s content at the No Prep Kings event at Virginia Motorsports Park. Chuck revealed he had to “pay his dues” before addressing his fans – and the haters.

Screenshot from Discovery’s YouTube video: Chuck vs. Brandon James | Street Outlaws: America’s List

Why did Chuck from Street Outlaws go to jail?

Chuck was convicted on two counts including making a threat of violence, as reported by Capital Sports Report. The second count involved placing a threatening and harassing phone call. Both offences took place on July 25th 2020.

He had his case closed on March 28th 2022 after it was initially filed on August 19th 2020. Chuck wrote on Facebook:

Ok, it’s official, I’m out of jail and going to be in Virginia. To clear up any rumours, I was protecting my children and handled it the wrong way so I had to pay my dues.

Chuck / Death Trap Facebook page

The Street Outlaws star spent some time in jail before his release at the end of March. He then took to Facebook at the beginning of April to reveal he is officially no longer behind bars and all set to race again!

Ok it’s official, I’m out of jail and going to be in Virginia. To clear up any rumors I was protecting my children and…

Posted by Chuck / Death Trap on Thursday, April 21, 2022

How long was he in prison for?

Chuck spent 60 days in jail, as per the Capital Sports Report. Judge Hudson ruled he would spend his prison time in the Oklahoma County Jail while also ruling he would serve one year under supervision of the OPS.

The term ran concurrently, meaning he didn’t have to serve additional time. He was also required to complete a 13-week anger management class and pay court costs.

He shared a YouTube video in which he spoke about his jail time. Chuck was in a hospital ICU suffering from covid-19 when the incident occurred. Several days after he left hospital, he was arrested.

Chuck revealed he initially spent 25 days in prison. He said:

I stick up for my friends and family, and that’s the way I’ve been raised and taught. It might not be the right way but obviously I’ve got to do a better job as a race car driver. I need to count to 500 and then react.

The Discovery star’s children

Chuck is nothing short of a family man and regularly mentions his three daughters on Instagram. His daughters are Chelsea and Madelyn (17), and Miranda (14). He is no longer with the mother of his children.

Although there have been circulating rumours about a new woman in his life, his Facebook page declares he is single. The race driver recently sported a top at an event that read: “I love hot moms.”

He spends most of his non-racing time with his children, who he has been seen taking to IHOP, going out in cars and visiting caves. And, of course, his daughters are his biggest fans and regularly cheer him on at races!



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