Queer Eye Germany is a brand new release on Netflix on March 9th, 2022. The show follows the same format as the US Queer Eye series which sees five experts totally transform heroes’ lives. The new Germany edition of the show means that there’s a new Fab Five to meet.

Just as Antoni, Tan, Bobby, Jonathan and Karamo do on Queer Eye, Queer Eye Germany’s Fab Five are covering all bases of fashion, beauty, health, life and design. So, let’s meet the show’s cast.

Queer Eye Germany | Official Trailer | Netflix

Queer Eye Germany | Official Trailer | Netflix

Queer Eye Germany cast: Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke

Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke is the go-to guy for all-things fashion on Queer Eye Germany.

He can be found on Instagram @janhenrikmaria with almost 3K followers.

Jan-Henrik writes in his IG bio that he’s the boss of design and fashion brand Auerbach, a member of the Fab Five and a host of documentary series Village X.

David Jakobs

Next up on the cast list of the series that’s “more than a makeover show” is David Jakobs.

The Fab Five member is in charge of beauty and it’s shown during the show’s trailer that David can “hear hair talk“.

Apparently, one of the heroes’ hair was “screaming” but thankfully, David was there to fix it.

Follow the Queer Eye Germany star on Instagram @davidthedaviddavid.

Queer Eye Germany cast: Ayan Yuruk

Transforming peoples’ living spaces with his knack for design is Queer Eye Germany’s Ayan Yuruk.

Ayan Yuruk has around 4K followers on Instagram and can be found under the handle @ayan.yuruk.

An expert in the interior design field, Ayan is the founder of a “holistic brand experience agency” called Showz Berlin.

Aljosha Muttardi

Aljosha Muttardi is a nutrition consultant, doctor and YouTuber.

He can be found on Instagram @joshmttrd where he often posts snaps of healthy food as well as lots of scenic photos of places he’s visited around the world.

Aljosha writes that he’s a “vegan expert” on LinkedIn and judging by Queer Eye Germany, he’s on a mission to provide the Heroes on the show with simple, healthy, easy-to-cook meals.

Queer Eye Germany cast: Leni Bolt

Life coach Leni Bolt is also a member of Queer Eye Germany’s Fab Five.

Leni has 17.8K followers on Instagram and can be found under the handle @lenibolt.

The Queer Eye Germany star shares all kinds of helpful self-care and life coach related posts on Instagram.



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