Randy from My 600-lb Life is almost unrecognisable at 340 pounds
Screenshot: Randy's Story: "Too Big To Be A Father" | My 600-lb Life, tlc uk YouTube

Randy from My 600-lb Life is almost unrecognisable at 340 pounds

Randy is known for his My 600-lb Life appearance, when he turned to Dr. Now for help in combatting his addiction to food. Hoping to drop the pounds and improve his life, he did exactly that – and now looks totally different.

The TLC series documents the lives of those weighing over 600 pounds. They are given a strict diet and exercise regime to follow, and make regular visits to Dr. Now who decides whether they can qualify for bariatric surgery.

Several years on since his first TV debut, Randy looks like a whole new man. We caught up with his social media to find out where he is today, and can reveal that he has dropped to almost half his pre-show weight.

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Randy’s story on My 600-lb Life

Randy appeared on My 600-lb Life during season 4 episode 10. When he was told he was “too big to be a father”, he decided that enough was enough and decided he wanted to drop the 640 pounds he carried.

Food addiction dissolved his marriage and keeps him from seeing his daughter, which later motivated him to endure a rigorous pre-surgery diet surrounded by fast food temptations to regain control of his life.

His weight has been spiralling out of control since he was in school, which led to Randy becoming so heavy he had to move back in with his parents, because he couldn’t do simple tasks for himself.

With a lymphedema in his leg, his sister Danielle helped him do small activities, despite Randy “not wanting to be a burden on anybody.” From Hardin, Texas, he grew up being an athletic football player.

His father, a youth sports coach, told him to eat as much as he wanted so he could use his size on the field.

He has lost 350 pounds since TLC

By sixth grade, Randy weighed 180 pounds. He then continued to put on the pounds and later met his wife, Danielle, at the age of 22 years old. They are no longer together and got divorced due to infertility strugglea.

He then became depressed, which led to more weight gain. A while later, Randy met another woman called Ashley, and together they welcomed a daughter named Khloe. 

Since Randy’s TLC debut back in March 2016, his life has dramatically changed. His last weight update in 2021 saw him at 340 pounds, which means he has dropped almost half of his body weight since his first appearance.

He has gone from being unable to put his shoes and socks on, to regularly playing golf and bowling for fun.

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Randy’s life as a father today

Randy would previously only be allowed to make occasional visits to his daughter due to his weight, but recent pictures show he spends most of his time with her. Since losing weight, he has been taking her to school.

He even attended the ‘daddy daughter dance’ with his child Khloe. His second daughter Bre was congratulated by Randy for heading off to fourth grade in August 2021.

The TLC star shares Bre with Jennifer Armstrong, who he is currently in a relationship with today. They recently moved into a new home in Texas together, which they celebrated by hosting a house warming with loved ones.



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