‘Ready to Love’ season 3 left fans in a state of shock as the episode ending announced there was “bad news” lying ahead. However, fans were given no hint about what it could be.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice that Joy Hutton was missing from the preview. Some wondered if the “bad news” could be connected to her. While there is not a lot of information on what really happened, some fans have theories of their own.

Joy (OWN/YouTube)

What is the bad news on the show?

When reality shows announce they have “bad news,” it most likely involves one of the cast members leaving. In this case, many thought Joy might be the one walking away from the show. Many took to Twitter to reveal Joy’s sister had passed away.

“I think the bad news is Joy’s sister passing on #ReadyToLove. So devastating,” read one comment. “Ok, since Joy was missing from the preview I went to her IG. Her sister Giana passed away. That has to be the sad news referred to,” read another comment. “Wow, Joy’s sister passing is the bad news on #ReadyToLove. I wonder if she ever came back,” wondered another. “Joy’s sister passed suddenly. Didn’t know it was during filming? Wow #Readytolove,” said another.

It is possible Joy was missing from the preview due to the family tragedy. However, there is no information on what exactly happened or if this is really the “bad news.”

Joy and Edwin (OWN/YouTube)

Joy Hutton’s thoughts on ‘Ready to Love’

Joy appeared on ‘The Jam‘ and opened up about her expectations from the show. Joy revealed she wanted an alpha male for herself as she was an alpha female in nature. At the same time, Joy confessed she was true to herself on the show.

Joy further hinted she was a “neutral, natural character” on the show who did not like “flipping tables” on others. Joy made it clear that she was in the show with the motive of finding her a husband and not for drama.

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