By the looks of the reality Tv landscape in 2021, the bog-standard concept of a group of men or women fighting their way to bag themselves the love of their life (think The Bachelor) is out the window. Nowadays, people are more into cash than they are the love.

Ready To Mingle is a brand new dating series launching on ITV in September 2021. So let’s find out more about the concept of the show, the rules, prize fund and when we can expect episode 1 to air…

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Screenshot: Ready to Mingle – ITV

What is Ready To Mingle about?

Ready To Mingle is a brand new dating show to ITV.

Just when reality TV fans may have thought that they’d seen it all before when it comes to dating shows, Ready To Mingle brings something totally different to the table.

Contestants on the show aren’t just looking for love, but some of them are trying to dupe the single girl on the show into thinking that they’re single (and into her) in order to bag a cash prize.

Ready To Mingle: Rules and prize money

People are gonna get found out sooner rather than later” – the Ready To Mingle trailer is enough to draw anyone in. The show sees 12 guys do their best to impress one single girl. Of the 12 guys, some are single and looking for love, but some are in relationships and just want the cash prize of £25,000.

Host Katherine Ryan asks in the trailer: “Are they in it for the money or the honey?

In regard to the men who are taken, their partners are also in on the game. The single lady on the shoe has to work out who’s lying and who’s not!

Ready to Mingle | This September | ITV2 & ITV Hub

Ready to Mingle | This September | ITV2 & ITV Hub

Do we know when Ready To Mingle starts?

There’s not been an exact start date announced for Ready To Mingle just yet.

The series is due to launch in September 2021, however, the exact date is yet to be revealed by ITV.

Speaking of the new show to ITV, host Katherine Ryan said: “I am so excited to be a part of this new dating game show. How could I say no? It’s like nothing we’ve seen before but still with all the drama and dating dilemmas we love to see, and I’ll be there front row as it all unfolds!


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