E! Entertainment brings a brand new reality series to screens in 2022. Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules sees eight celebrity’s children switch up their lives of luxury for some time on a ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

They’re used to a life of yachts, planes, mansions and private chefs, but now they’re going to be shearing sheep, artificially inseminating cows, hand-feeding calves and handling piglets. The cast of Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules are about to find out if they’ve got what it takes for life on the ranch. So, let’s meet the cast members on Instagram.

Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules | Trailer

Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules | Trailer

Meet Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules cast member Erin “Ebie” Wright

First up, Erin “Ebie” Wright is the daughter of late rap legend Eazy-E.

Ebie, 30, has followed in her father’s footsteps and is a rising musician herself.

She’s based in LA and can be found on Instagram @ebie where she has 125k followers. She also has over 14k on Twitter.

Ebie writes on Instagram that she’s a singer, actress and foodie. Now, she can add ‘reality TV star’ to her resumé too!

Redmond Parker

Redmond Parker is the son of Ray Parker Jr. Ray Parker Jr is a Grammy-Award-winning musician and actor who wrote and sang the Ghostbusters theme song “Ghostbusters”.

On Instagram, Redmond can be found under the handle @reddypooh where he has around 14k followers.

Judging by his IG pages, he’s a dog dad based in LA, California and given his love for animals, he may get on well on the ranch…

Taylor Hasselhoff

Yep, you guessed it, Taylor Hasselhoff is the daughter of Baywatch legend David Hasselhoff.

Taylor is 31 years old and was born in Los Angeles, California.

The E! star works as a luxury real estate agent and has a following of around 61k on Instagram @tay.

Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules’ Austin Gunn

Next up is the son of a famous WWE wrestler. Austin Gunn’s dad is Billy Gunn.

Austin has followed in his father’s footsteps and is a professional wrestler too.

He has over 25k followers on Instagram @theaustingunn.

Meet Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules’ Myles O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal’s son Myles O’Neal is a cast member on Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules.

Myles is 24 years old and is about to experience a whole new lifestyle on the ranch.

He has 240k followers on Instagram and can be found under the handle @mylesoneal.

Like many of his co-stars, Myles was born in LA, California and he’s previously appeared on multiple reality TV shows such as The Hills: New Beginnings and Basketball Wives.

Harry James Thornton

Harry’s father is Academy Award-winning actor and former husband of Angelina Jolie Billy Bob Thornton. His mother is former model Pietra Dawn Cherniak.

The Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules star is 27 years old and is a father himself.

Harry can be found on Instagram @harryjamesthornton with over 1k followers. He writes in his bio that he’s a luxury realtor.

Meet Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules cast member Hana Giraldo

Hana is 27 years old and she’s the daughter of 80’s rock icon Pat Benetar. Pat’s songs included Hit Me With Your Best Shot and Love Is A Battlefield.

Her father is American musician Neil Giraldo.

Follow Hana on Instagram where she has 702k followers @hanagiraldo. She writes that she’s a singer, songwriter and actress in her IG bio.

Jasmin Lawrence

Twenty-five-year old Jasmin Lawrence is the daughter of actor and comedian Martin Lawrence and Patricia Southall. Her father appeared in huge blockbuster movies such as Big Momma’s House and Bad Boys.

Jasmin is the eldest of seven children and stepdaughter of Emmitt Smith.

She writes in her IG bio that she’s an LA-based actor and Duke University Alumna. Follow Jasmin on Instagram @jasmin_lawrence.



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