Bering Sea Gold is a reality television show that airs on Discovery. Each season follows a different group of dredgers who are searching for gold in the summertime, cold northern latitude and even within the ocean environment.

It has seen one of the highest ratings of any show in the Friday cable slot. Due to its immense popularity, the show has been running for 13 seasons but who narrates the hit reality series?

What is Bering Sea Gold?

Bering Sea Gold is divided into two seasons which are the summer dredging season and the spring dredging season. It follows boats equipped with various apparatus to achieve gold mining in different climatic environments. Dredgers are tasked with searching for gold in the summer and winter as well as in shallow and deep waters.

In this season, dredging in Alaska will be harder than ever before with snow dumping on the miners faster than they can clear it. After suffering several equipment failures the dredgers will have to think fast if they want to get their hands on the gold.

Who narrates Bering Sea Gold?

Since its release in 2012, Bering Sea Gold has seen two narrators with the first being Thom Beers who took us through the first and second season. He is best known as a producer for Discovery Channel shows including Deadliest Catch and Monster House.

For the last 11 seasons of the hit show, Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe has taken the reigns narrating the show. His career began as an opera singer and he has even worked on QVC Shopping Channel.

Per his website, Rowe shot to fame after he “pitched a three-hour special to the Discovery Channel that ended up resulting in the show ‘Dirty Jobs’ where he travelled to all 50 states and completed 300 different jobs involving swamps, ice roads and coal mines.

Where is the adventure reality series filmed?

Unlike most adventure shows, Bering Sea Gold is set in one city and does not explore various locations. It is set on and off the coast of Nome in Alaska featuring its picturesque landscape. Alaska is also home to the hit Discovery show Deadliest Catch.

Nome has a thriving underwater mining industry and the show also receives government subsidies for boosting business within the city. Interestingly, tourism rose by 60% after the debut of Bering Sea Gold with viewers fascinated by the stunning landscape.



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