RHOM fans shocked Alexia may meet Herman Echevarria's 'lover'

RHOM fans shocked Alexia may meet Herman Echevarria's 'lover'

Alexia Echevarria has been a cast member on The Real Housewives of Miami since season 1. The Bravo star starred alongside Adriana de Moura, Larsa Pippen and co back in 2011 and now the ladies are all back together for a fourth season in December 2021 which is airing on Peacock.

Judging by the RHOM trailer, Alexia appears to have a lot on her plate in 2021 including many rumours circulating about her late husband, Herman Echevarria and whether he had a lover.

The Real Housewives of Miami | New Season Official Trailer | Peacock Original

The Real Housewives of Miami | New Season Official Trailer | Peacock Original

Who was Herman Echevarria?

Herman and Alexia Echevarria tied the knot in 2004 and were married until his tragic death in 2016. Herman was found dead in a Miami hotel room at the age of 61, it was later confirmed that he died from natural causes.

Herman was born in 1955, making him 12 years Alexia’s senior. The couple appeared on The Real Housewives of Miami and ran Venue Magazine together.

Like Alexia, Herman was Cuban and the pair had a successful business empire. As per Bravo: “Alexia and her husband, Herman, are the real deal when it comes to the “Who’s Who” in Miami“.

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Herman Echevarria’s ‘lover’ explored

During the Real Housewives of Miami season 4 trailer, flashbacks of previous seasons are shown and Alexia can be heard saying: “My personal life with Herman is between Herman and I.

Another housewife says: “There’s rumours going around that he’s supposed to be gay“.

Even in the present day, Herman’s personal life is still being talked about. During another season 4 snippet, a cast member says to Alexia: “Somebody told me that he died while having sex with a man“.

Judging by viewers’ Tweets there’s a lot more to discover when it comes to Alexia and her late husband on RHOM, one person Tweeted: “Alexia going to confront her dead husband’s gay lover? #RHOM is on another level.”

Another said: “I was ready for Alexia’s sit down with her dead ex husband’s alleged gay lover but Peacock only gave us two episodes. I’m annoyed.

What has Alexia said about her late husband?

Rumours around Alexia and Herman have been swirling for years and the RHOM star has often shut down when it came to answering questions regarding their relationship.

However, in 2021, it looks like Alexia may be meeting up with someone on the show who claims to be Herman’s former “lover”.

Viewers are clearly keen to see how Alexia’s meeting will go in upcoming episodes as one person Tweeted: “Alexia confronting her dead ex-husband’s former gay lover will quite possibly be one of the greatest reality television moments of our time.

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