RHONY: Who is Marley? Sonja's cheeseboard-eating dog adored by fans!
Screenshot: Marley, Eboni K. Williams Thinks Sonja Morgan May Be Taking Her Advice Too Far, RHONY, Season 13 Episode 15, Bravo

RHONY: Who is Marley? Sonja's cheeseboard-eating dog adored by fans!

Marley the dog has made for a comedy sensation, after he wouldn’t stop eating the picnic while Sonja Morgan and Eboni K. Williams spoke.

Sonja is reminded of how she peed in her friend’s driveway, which leads to Eboni later thinking her RHONY co-star is taking her advice too far.

However, something white and fluffy catches viewers’ attention instead, as Sonja’s dog Marley keeps taking bits of food from their picnic.

We looked through Sonja’s pictures with Marley, to find out what the RHONY dog legend gets up to off-screen. And yes – he is still just as cute!

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Who is Marley on RHONY?

Marley is Sonja Morgan’s dog, who loves eating picnics!

He appears to be sick of chatting about the events from the night before, and is more interested in getting his teeth around some pepperoni.

The fluffy friend currently lives with Sonja, and is her doggy companion.

He’s not just a dog, but a reality TV star who follows his mother’s footsteps!

Revisit Marley’s thieving food moment

The camera didn’t just give Marley one second of screen time, but focused the angle on him more than once – he’s just too entertaining to miss…

When Eboni and Sonja appear to be having a full-blown conversation, they don’t seem to notice when Marley nabs their food for himself.

This is until Eboni is interrupted, saying that Sonja is a woman “of such elegance”, when she realises Marley has eaten “the whole damn board”.

Sonja exclaims that they haven’t even eaten anything from the cheese board themselves – which is when Marley starts to look a little guilty.

The picnic platter gets less and less full when he keeps standing up to get a taste of the food for himself – less gossip, more grub please!

It would be no surprise if Marley became the talk of tonight’s episode (August 17th), providing a bit of distraction amid Eboni’s advice to Sonja.

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Sonja and Marley: A purrfect love story

Sonja says that what Marley wants, he gets – just like some of the cheeseboard, which was originally made to eat during her chat with Eboni.

The family dog even has his own Instagram account. You can follow the fur baby at @the_marley_morgan for your own burst of cuteness!

He often goes with his mom Sonja to RHONY filming, and cleans up her oatmeal when she’s too full to finish it. Marley also loves squash.

Marley can be naughty, such as laying on the pillows when Sonja isn’t watching, but likes to go to bed early rather than attend RHONY parties.

One Instagram post caption revealed that he sometimes needs to walk his mom [Sonja] “to make sure she takes a break”. Marley always has her back!



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