Rhys's Life After Lockup journey ends - Where is he now? Is he still in prison?

Rhys's Life After Lockup journey ends - Where is he now? Is he still in prison?

Channel 4’s three-part miniseries Life After Lockup has been showing the ups and downs of ex-offenders reentering society.

One of those ex-offenders is Rhys, a 21-year-old from Dorset.

Read on for the heartbreaking moment Rhys returned to prison, just days after his 21st birthday and to find out about Rhys’s current situation.

Life After Lockup E2: Rhys.

Why was Rhys in prison?

Rhys had served 34 months of 38 in a young offenders institute.

Despite being released, Rhys was sentenced to a 14-month probational period and community service work for being involved in a fight in prison.

After being released from prison, he moved back in with mother Joy and his siblings and promised to improve.

Rhys returns home

Things were looking up for the family, but Rhys’ past was quick to catch up with them.

After Rhys’ debt to some local drug dealers became a safety issue for the family – they threatened to burn down the family home and even to shoot them – Joy had to pay off Rhys’ debt.

This included putting her car up for sale and using her saved holiday money to pay them off.

A heartbroken Joy kicked out Rhys and painfully told the TV crew: “Is it wrong for me to say I hope he goes back inside [prison]?”

Life After Lockup E2: Joy

What happened at Rhys’ birthday?

However, things seemed to be looking up at Rhys’ 21st birthday.

Rhys and new partner Shanley seemed as happy as ever and celebrated at Rhys’ family home.

Joy admitted she thought he would never make it to 21 and seemed proud of her son.

But things then took a turn for the worse…

Life After Lockup E2: 21st birthday celebrations.

Where is Rhys now?

Rhys returned to prison to carry out an eight-month sentence after just 240 days of freedom.

This was because he broke the conditions of his probational period and was dealing again.

Just eighteen days after his great 21st birthday, he was back behind bars.

Rhys’s aunt to his defence

Heather Beaney was quick to defend Rhys after Twitter users condemned his quick return to prison.

Noting his struggles with mental health, Heather made sure that people saw Rhys was going through a difficult period.

From her final Tweet, we can presume Rhys is still in and out of prison.






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