Rich Kids Go Skint - Check out ANDREA's 100k wardrobe on Instagram!

Rich Kids Go Skint episode 6 introduced us to Andrea.

The Milan-born PA is the son of a wealthy Italian A-list estate agent, whose clients include the likes of George Clooney.

Nevertheless, Andrea swapped his plush Chelsea apartment for seven days with single-dad David and his council house in Swansea.

Accompanying him on the journey to South Wales was a £100,000 wardrobe of designer clothes.

Fortunately, we found Andrea on Instagram to get a better look at all this posh clobber!

TX6 -4 – Rich Kid Andrea with David and his two girls Marta (10) and Emilie (7)

Designer Brands

Andrea’s wardrobe includes a £10,000 Birkin bag and 50 pairs of shoes that total over £25,000.

First Look: New Season of Sister Wives!

Needless to say, shopping at places like Dolce and Gabbana is standard.

Just go in the bloody shop already!

Travel King

What’s a rich kid without a horrendous carbon footprint across the globe, eh?

Andrea is no different, posting about how he travelled to 23 countries in 12 months.

His Instagram read:

Travelling: one of my biggest passion! Discover new locations and cultures pretty much every month it’s a dream came true. In this year I visited #23 location and taken only God knows how many flights.

Gucci Gang

Enjoying a relaxing holiday on the popular Greek island of Mykonos, Andrea packed his full repertoire of Gucci garments.

The hat, the shirt, more than likely the glasses – to be fair, it’s quite a trendy little outfit!

Painting Paris Red

Dad-of-two David was shocked to hear that Andrea had a wardrobe that cost in excess of  £100,000, adding “you can buy two decent houses in Swansea for that” when he heard the news.

David probably isn’t a fan of Andrea’s ‘look how much money I have’ photo in Paris, then. It’s been timed to perfection so that the red heel of his Louboutin shoes are on display.

Or maybe he just stepped in paint…

Merry Christmas

David also admitted that his monthly budget was a mere £1,4000. And that’s to feed not only himself but 10-year-old Martha and seven-year-old Emily.

We imagine Andrea spunks £1.4k on new clothes at Christmas!





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