Rich Kids Go Skint - Check out KOFI's lavish lifestyle on Instagram!

Rich Kids Go Skint airs every Monday night on 5 STAR, at 9 pm.

The reality TV series features privileged teenagers as they swap lives with the less financially well off in attempts to ‘see how the other half lives’.

Episode 3 introduced us to Kofi Case, the son of not one but two millionaires!

Moving in with Leytonstone couple Nicky and Paul, Kofi attempts to organise a kids’ birthday party on a budget.

Needless to say, it’s nothing like the celebratory exploits that he is his usually up to on Instagram.

Take a look…

Rich Kids Go Skint S2 Ep3 – Kofi Case.

Who is Kofi Case?

Kofi is an 18-year-old whose parents own a multimillion catering business.

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A self-confessed shopaholic, Kofi is only used to leaving his Sheffield mansion when he can go on lavish shopping trips to London.

He spends in excess of £300 per-week on spar treatments with an extra £100 per-day for ‘food accessories’ – aka fancy cakes, sandwiches and cakes.

Kofi’s biggest blow-out was on a 10k holiday in Dubai and he said on the show:

I definitely now expect the finer things in life. I’m definitely a self-confessed shopaholic. When I go shopping I don’t have a budget or look at the price of things. I’d say I probably spend four or five figures.


You can follow Kofi under @kofixcase, where his exuberant lifestyle has helped him amass over 200,000 followers!

Kofi has his own fashion blog, which is why you will almost definitely find him holding a few Louis Vuitton.

Or something to do with Gucci… or Versace.

Afternoon Tea

When it comes to afternoon, Kofi takes buttered crumpets to a whole new level.

Literally, we can’t even begin to imagine what the most expensive tea brand is.

Other than Earl Grey, of course…


Home to a lot of Kofi’s mega-rich snaps is Dubai.

First, he has the opportunity to fly over in extreme luxury.

Then, he can pose in front of Dubai’s highest skyscrapers or most-expensive sports cars.


Everything about Kofi’s Instagram page contradicts the message that is supposed to set out by Rich Kids Go Skint.

Clearly, everything in his life is about being excessive.

Who knew you could get LV ping-pong rackets…




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