Rich Kids Go Skint episode 5 featured 20-year-old Freddie Pownall.

The 5 STAR series airs every Monday night at 9 pm, featuring a wealth of different rich kids as they embark on a journey of self-discovery.

In ep 5, spoiled little Freddie swapped his luxury lifestyle in Chelsea for a £12-a-week budget with single mum Charmaine.

We found Freddie on Instagram to dissect just how rich and spoiled he actually is…

Freddie in foreground with Charmaine puts hand on Sean's sholder and Kayla in pushchair
Freddie in the foreground with Charmaine.

Struggling Charmaine

Mum-of-two Charmaine lives in Watford, where the aspiring life coach survives off benefits for the time being.

She lived in a hostel for 16 months following her break-up with an ex-boyfriend before finally finding somewhere to call her own.

In stark contrast, Freddie had spent most of his life in the comfort of a prestigious boarding school.

Milton Abbey School in Dorset, to be exact, where there were academies for shooting, golf and sailing.

Freddie said:

We had a nine-hole golf course. We had our own abbey… It’s quite embarrassing to say but it’s £36,000 a year. So it’s a lot of money.

Coasting Freddie

The property student, whose dad is CEO of a furniture company, also has a family villa in Ibiza where he spends up to £20,000 on holidays each year.

However, this isn’t exactly the picture that is painted on Instagram.

In fact, there are no images of Freddie living it up in ‘Beefa and popping bottles of Ciroc pretending to be a high-roller.

Freddie’s Insta has themes of travel and discovery, and quite frankly looks like any other 19-year-old’s!

He completed college, went on a gap year, sandwiched in Rich Kids Go Skint, and is now on his way to university.

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Comparing Clothing

The best part of Freddie’s adventure on Rich Kids Go Skint came when he was tasked with buying an outfit from a charity shop.

He still managed to spot a Ralph Lauren polo, however, but paid a bargain £6 for the second-hand T.

Freddie said:

I’ve never worn an outfit that has cost £11 before, it’s often quite a bit more than that. I’ve got this for £6 Ralph Lauren, not bad. These shirts brand new from Ralph Lauren are £60 to £90. I think I’ve done pretty well.

Whereas other Rich Kids Go Skint stars have filled their Instagram accounts with pics of Gucci, Giorgio Armani and Versace, Freddie’s outfits are much more modest.

Even at the races!


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