Rich Kids Go Skint - We found Chelsea girl YASMINE on Instagram!

Rich Kids Go Skint episode 7 features Chelsea girl Yasmine as she swaps a pampered life in London for a less than glamorous council flat in Hertfordshire.

The highlight of the episode, which is the last of 5 STAR’s season 2, was the moment that Yaz had to take on the washing machine.

To put it lightly, she had no idea what she was doing!

Thankfully, we found Yasmine on Instagram to explore her life outside of the show.

Rich Kids Go Skint Ep 7
Yasmine Zweegers (long hair, grey high neck jumper). Miguel is the guy sitting on the sofa in the green jumper with baby Kaeli and then next to them is Mum Sheila Croft with baby Kiara on her lap.

Teenage Problems

The best part of Rich Kids Go Skint episode 7 was watching Yasmine attempt to work the washing machine.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Still to Come Trailer | Bravo

Although she turned 19 in May last year, Yaz admitted:

I didn’t obviously say this as I didn’t want to seem silly or anything but I didn’t know actually how to use a washing machine. So now I know how to do it myself.”

No need for a washing machine when you’re constantly on holiday, eh…

Lighting Up Life

Yasmine has multi-millionaire parents. Mum Marianne runs a luxury lifestyle business, selling products such as cushions and candles – which will set you back up to £40!

The company is called MYZ London and Yaz thoughtful jumps in on the business via her Instagram, where her bio states ‘co-founder of MYZ London’.

Hmm. There’s nothing about you on the website…

Screen Shot: Instagram – Yasmine_MYZ

Student Vibes

Yasmine is a student at the Goldsmiths University of London, where she is studying drama.

To help her through the tough university life of double shifts and maxing out an overdraft, Yaz’s parents give her a budget of £700 per month.

Yet the family of four she was staying with on Rich Kids only live off £520 a month!

Vegan coffee and champagne are expensive, though…



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