Rich Kids Go Skint - What we found from BECCA's Instagram account!

Rich Kids Go Skint episode 4 featured 21-year-old Becca Delaroque.

The 5 STAR series explores the impact of taking a rich and privileged individual and dumping them into a much less financially secure family to see how they would cope.

Previous episodes have featured the likes of Kofi Case, whose life on Instagram is like something out of a movie, with over 200,000 followers watching his lavish globe-trotting adventures.

Could the same be said of Becca’s Instagram?

Becca Delaroque on Instagram

Becca quickly learnt that what she would spend on a novelty Fortnum & Mason hamper would feed her cash-strapped host and her family for an entire week.

However, although the premise of Rich Kids Go Skint is to make out that each youngster is both super-rich and super-snobbish, Becca’s Instagram doesn’t exactly scream stuck-up multimillionaire.

She has a modest 2,700 followers, sharing pictures of holidays and big events such as birthdays and Christmas.

Those 20k Holidays

That said, the 21-year-old who divides her time between her Chelsea apartment and her parents’ stately home in Wiltshire has enjoyed a few more holidays than your average Joe.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Still to Come Trailer | Bravo

This year, Becca’s been to France, Portugal, Japan and South Africa.

On said episode 4, she estimated that each lavish holiday cost between £15,000 and £20,000.

They do look pretty sick, though…

Model in the Making?

Like almost all guests in the 5 STAR series, Becca lives off the ‘bank of dad’.

It doesn’t appear that she has a job at all, although she does have a Star Now profile looking for model and acting work.

We can definitely see her doing some sort of modelling career in the near future… and if not, she can probably just buy her own modelling company.


By the end of Becca’s experience with single mum Nureen and her tiny budget, she was visibly moved.

While everyone on Rich Kids Go Skint claims to have learnt a lot from their experience, not all of them looked as sincere as Becca.

Nureen finished the show by saying:

I think she (Becca) realised how fortunate she is and also how hard I have had to work. The fact she doesn’t have to work if she doesn’t want to and she is starting to value money in a different light as well which is quite nice.




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