Richard from The Undateables is back to his best with story on telling Santa to “p*ss off”

Few reality shows light up the Christmas TV schedule like The Undateables.

The long-standing Channel 4 series is warm-hearted, educational and inspiring, with each episode focusing on the conundrums we encounter in attempts to find love.

The Christmas special always zones in on the theme with last year’s festive episode following David Wakefield as he proposed to his girlfriend.

For fellow ‘Undateable’ Richard, however, love hasn’t been as easy to come by and his scrooge-like performance in each Christmas special has been a particular highlight for fans over the years.

He’s ferociously ranted about the limited purpose of baubles, cussed at the idea of giving gifts and has now given us the remarkable tale of the time he went to sit on Santa’s lap.

Age 45.

Richard recycles his Christmas tree

Richard had fans in stitches from the early seconds of his appearance on The Undateables Christmas Special 2019, first appearing on camera with a can of spray paint in hand.

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Announcing that the “true meaning of Christmas was giving”, big Rich explained that he intended on recycling last year’s Xmas tree by giving it a coat of paint.

Rich literally gave his twiggy shell of an evergreen tree a fresh lick of paint, showing audiences that if painting a dead tree doesn’t feel you with festive cheer then nothing will…

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Screenshot: The Undateables on Channel 4

Screenshot: The Undateables on Channel 4

Screenshot: The Undateables on Channel 4

To the time Richard went to see Santa

Rich then dished out the most hilarious quote of the episode when elaborating on how he once met Mr Claus in Surrey city centre.

The grown 45-year-old man said:

I met Santa last year at the garden centre. And I told him to p*ss off.

Screenshot: The Undateables on Channel 4

The quips didn’t stop there as Richard also explained the tree – you know, that totally dead one – had another 5-7 years of life left in it.

And the Christmas hero even had the time to explain that “anyone who spends £25 on a Christmas gift is a f**kin moron”.

Despite his frosty interior shell, Richard spent the rest of the episode attempting to get into the Christmas spirit and filling Channel 4 fans with warm holiday spirit by volunteering at a local charity for the elderly.

One word – legend.



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