MeatEater's Robert Abernethy is a wild turkey expert and conservationist

MeatEater's Robert Abernethy is a wild turkey expert and conservationist

Steven Rinella is back with his Netflix show MeatEater in 2022. The hunting pro releases season 10 part 2 on February 2nd and the series sees Steven and his friends learn how to spearfish in Hawaii, hunt feral goats and head to New Mexico to track down some Elk.

While Steven is certainly skilled in his field, there are some people he meets along the series who can really provide some expert knowledge in specific areas of hunting. MeatEater’s ‘South Carolina Turkeys’ episode features wild turkey expert Robert Abernethy. So, let’s find out more about the Meateater star…

Love is Blind | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Love is Blind | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Robert Abernethy appears on MeatEater

Meat Eater season 10 part 2 episode 3 sees Steven Rinella hunt wild turkeys with his old friend Robert Abernethy.

Steven said that he met Robert years ago when they were hunting turkey out in Oregon’s Hells Canyon.

He said:We’ve been buddies for years and have done some hunting together but now they’re hunting on his home turf.”

The duo headed to a swamp to hunt wild turkeys during the episode and after getting one turkey each, Robert said: “I tell you what, this swamp is amazing, that is probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The most scenic, the most beautiful, calling three long-beards in this swamp.

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Robert is an expert when it comes to turkeys

Speaking of Robert’s expertise, Steven said that he’s a “foremost expert when it comes to wild turkeys“.

Robert adds that it’s not just hunting turkeys that Robert is good at, though, but he knows all about the bird’s biology and natural history, too.

It also appears, from one of Steven’s Twitter posts that he is good at hunting other animals, too.

Steven describes Robert as a “staunch conservationist”

Steven has a background as a biologist with the National Wild Turkey Federation. He spent 17 years working for them in South Carolina as per LinkedIn.

He’s been retired since 2020, as per LinkedIn, but Robert spent over seven years as President of The Longleaf Alliance.

Now that he’s retired, Steven said that Robert is enjoying the results of a conversation achievement that he was involved in: “He was and remains a big fan of wild turkeys.”

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