Robin Wiltshire's childhood explored on My Heroes Were Cowboys

Robin Wiltshire is the focus of a brand new Netflix documentary in 2021. The main character of My Heroes Were Cowboys lets viewers into his life as a world-famous horse trainer.

From his tough childhood and upbringing to his huge success as a horse trainer on film sets such as Django: Unchained and Superbowl Commercials, Robin’s life is documented in the short Netflix film. So, let’s find out more about him.

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Who is Robin Wiltshire?

Robin Wiltshire is a man whose work is more famous than he is himself, that is until now. Robin is the man at the centre of new Netflix documentary My Heroes Were Cowboys.

Robin is married to his wife, Kate, and together they have a son named Patrick.

He started out as a horse trainer after moving to the US from Australia. He now lives in Wyoming. Robin is best known for being the trainer of the Budweiser Clydesdales.

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Robin’s childhood explored

Robin was born in Australia but later moved to America where he now lives with his family.

During the Netflix documentary, he said: “I grew up with horses always around me. I was raised in a little country town in Australia.

Robin described his younger self as “A loner who couldn’t speak that well who people called the runt of the litter.

He added: “When you can’t communicate with other people you’re ostracised a little bit. That’s why I was pushed to my grandparents to try and change my life.

Speaking of his grandfather, Robin said that he looked up to him. But, he’d never seen love in his grandad’s eyes. Robin said: “It’s always been in the back of my mind what my granddad had said to me – you’ll amount to nothing.

Though Robin and his grandfather’s relationship may not have been loving, he said that his grandmother encouraged him to believe in himself and to work with horses.

SCHUMACHER | Official Trailer | Netflix

SCHUMACHER | Official Trailer | Netflix

Where is Robin today?

Today, Robin and his wife Kate live on Turtle Ranch located in Wyoming, USA. During the Netflix documentary, Robin said: “Once I got to Wyoming, I knew this was home“.

The ranch has its own Instagram page with over 1.3k followers @turtleranchwyoming.

Horses, dogs, cattle and zebra feature on the Turtle Ranch IG page. Kate and Robin’s son, Patrick, also looks to be following in his father’s footsteps judging by his Instagram page.

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