Rock The Block is getting underway, as contestants try to transform a home to the highest value. But why do they wear the same clothes?

The group of pairs have showcased their interior, restoration and building skills over the course of HGTV’s Rock The Block season 2.

Recently, viewers haven’t been able to help but notice that the contestants are wearing the same clothes – which hasn’t been explained on the series.

So, here’s why they wear matching outfits while competing for the win!

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HGTV viewers react to Rock The Block outfits

Since Rock The Block began airing, viewers have noticed that the designers appear to be wearing the same clothes.

Many have recognised that they wear the exact same clothes the entire way through the series, with no outfit change during each episode.

Looking on Twitter, it’s clear to see that fans are completely confused about the same clothing being worn.

One fan wrote: “So, what’s the deal? I’m catching up on #RocktheBlock (episode 3). They all have the same clothes on as they did in episode 1.

“Clearly they didn’t do this all in one day, but I assume they were able to change clothes.”

Rock The Block: Same clothes explained

  • They wear the same clothes for production continuity and editing

It is thought that editing shows such as HGTV’s Rock The Block is made a lot easier for the production team, if they are in the same clothes.

When it comes to production, it makes it much easier to cut and edit scenes from different rooms and times in a seamless way.

The series takes several weeks to film (with 100 days given to each contestant pair), but despite this known fact, some fans thought that it was filmed in one day due to the same clothes being worn.

This is not the case, but rather those being filmed are asked to wear the same outfits throughout the process.

Do the designers wash their clothes?

  • Yes, they are allowed to wash them

Designers are able to wash the clothes, or have multiple items of the same outfit, while filming for Rock The Block.

Each contestant is usually given multiple items to wear, just in case one of them gets the clothing dirty, or if paint is splattered on it.

So, don’t worry, it is very unlikely that they continually wear the same clothes without washing them for several weeks!



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