What is Roman Kemp's leg tattoo? Ed Sheeran inked the Celebrity Gogglebox star!

What is Roman Kemp's leg tattoo? Ed Sheeran inked the Celebrity Gogglebox star!

Celebrity Gogglebox star Roman Kemp is sporting a leg tattoo during the 2021 series and Channel 4viewers want to find out more!

Roman Kemp is a well-known DJ on Capital FM. His parents Shirlie and Martin Kemp rose to fame on the 80’s music scene. Shirlie was a member of Wham! and a part of Pepsi & Shirlie. Martin was in Spandau Ballet and also starred in Eastenders. Now, the former Spandau Ballet member and his son appear on the celebrity Gogglebox sofa, so let’s find out more about Roman’s tattoos.

Martin and Roman Celebrity Gogglebox

Roman Kemp’s leg tattoo

Celebrity Gogglebox viewers in 2021 have been quick to spot Roman Kemp’s leg tattoo – although it is pretty easy as his leg is on full display during the show!

Roman, his dad and their dog all appear on series 3 of the show. And while Martin Kemp doesn’t look to be showing off any tattoos, Roman’s donning a special one on his leg as it was etched onto his skin by Ed Sheeran.

As reported by Capital FM, Roman has the words “Ed Woz Ere 2K7” tattooed on his shin.

Why does Roman Kemp’s leg tattoo say “Ed Woz Ere 2K7”?

Although getting tatted by Ed Sheeran seems pretty cool, it turns out that Ed etched the wrong date onto Roman’s shin.

The tattoo was done in 2017 and this was the date that Ed was meant to tattoo on Roman.

However, the Lego House singer made a small error and forgot to add the “1”. By the looks of things, Roman’s really embraced the dodgy tattoo now, though.

Roman’s other tattoos

Although Roman’s 2k7 tattoo seems to be the only one display during Celebrity Gogglebox, the DJ actually has many more tattoos all over his body.

A quick glimpse at Roman’s Instagram page (@romankemp) and fans will be able to see many of his tatts as he posts #tbt photos of himself shirtless on holiday. He’s even uploaded a photo of himself naked with a PS5!

In 2019, Roman was tattooed by another singer, Niall Horan, who also made a spelling mistake! Niall was meant to write: “nice to meet ya” but instead wrote: “Nice to melt ya” on Roman’s body forever.

Roman also has an anchor tattoo on his side, an eagle on his chest, some kind of numerical date tattoo on the other side of his chest, a pocket watch on his thigh and many more!

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