Roxanne Pallett IMDB: What films has she been in?

Roxanne Pallett’s fame has shot up pretty damn quickly after her stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

The controversy she found herself in, all down to her own making, of course, has made her one of the most talked about names in the UK right now.

Roxanne, as an actress, will probably be hoping that they will help her acting career. Because, so far, her IMDB doesn’t set the world alight. Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls has just been added to a very horror-heavy IMDB. Here’s all you need to know.

Roxanne Pallett

How Many Films Has Roxanne Been in?

Not that many.

Roxanne Pallett has 14 official credits to her name on her IMDB page. For a 35-year-old actress, that’s not amazing.

In total, she’s been five films, one short film, two TV movies and appeared in six television shows, including Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls.

In comparison, Emily Blunt is also 35 years old and has 43 credits to her name, been nominated for a BAFTA and won a Golden Globe. Meanwhile, Roxanne starred in Celebrity Big Brother and quit Celebrity Island after five days. Reality check.

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Roxanne Pallett.

What Films Has Roxanne Pallett Been in?

It may come as a surprise when we tell you that none of the films she has featured in have ever competed for Best Picture at the Oscars.

The most notable movie she’s starred in is probably the sixth entry in the Wrong Turn franchise, Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort. Do you think that film was a bit of a last resort for her?

She’s been in three further horror movies: Lake Placid 3, Devil’s Tower, and Habit. Habit is her most recent credit, not including Celebrity Island.

She’s also appeared in Waterloo Road and Casualty on TV.

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Roxanne Pallett interview

What’s the Best Rated Film or TV Show Roxanne Has Been in?

The highest rated TV show or film Roxanne has been in is a Cartoon Network animated show called Generator Rex – that scored a decent 7.6 on IMDB.

Waterloo Road garners a 7.3 rating, which again isn’t too shabby.


However, apart from those two, every other credit has a pretty abysmal rating, including two with ratings of 3.3 – that’s Crystal Skulls and Lake Placid 3. Yikes.

Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls, meanwhile, has a below-mediocre rating of 6.1

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Roxanne Pallett interview

Where Can I Watch Roxanne Pallett’s Films?

Well, firstly, with ratings like those, why would you want to?

But you can head to Amazon for the majority of her pictures. None of them are included in Prime, so you’ll have to spend some of your hard-earned cash to either rent or buy any of the films in Roxanne’s IMDb.

Wrong Turn 6, The Violators, Lake Placid 3, Habit and more all available on a pay-to-play basis on Amazon.

Meanwhile, there are seasons of Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls available on a pay-to-play basis on Amazon, too. But both seasons of Celebrity Island are also on Channel 4 completely free – although they don’t include Roxanne Pallett.

If you want Roxanne, you’ll have to watch the new season of Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls.

Roxanne Pallett.


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