Made famous by Ru Paul’s Drag Race, the ‘Sitting alone in the VIP room’ meme is now trending on TikTok. So, what is the meme all about and where did it come from?

Ru Paul’s Drag Race is available to watch via BBC and Netflix in 2021 and each week sees some of the contestants slay while others sashay away. The competition often brings out the creativity of the contestants. Now, TikTok users are showing off their creative talents by inventing new posts using the ‘Sitting alone in the VIP room’ meme.

Who is Kandy Muse?

Kandy Muse is a drag queen and contestant on Ru Paul’s Drag Race season 13.

Hailing from New York, Kandy is 25 years old. Her competition in 2021 includes Gottmilk, Denali, Tina Burner, Utica Queen and more.

Episode 1 of the 2021 series saw Kandy win the lip sync contest in which she performed Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe.

Sitting alone in the VIP room meme explained

The ‘sitting alone in the VIP room’ meme went viral when Kandy Muse tweeted a photo of herself quite literally sitting alone in a VIP room. She wrote a serious Tweet at the time stating that she was “feeling alone” and that the industry was “a lonely one”.

Today, the ‘sitting alone in the VIP room’ drama has been turned into a funny meme. Kandy, as well as other drag queens, are in on the joke and she even featured in 2020 song by Alaska Thunderf**k named Sitting Alone (in the VIP).

Sitting alone meme on TikTok

Now that ‘sitting alone in the VIP’ has become a well-known meme, many TikTok users have used it to create comedy content for their channels.

Many people have repurposed the meme or reenacted Kandy Muse’s scene alongside hilarious captions.

With Alaska and Kandy’s song playing in the background, TikTok users are posing sat in bathrooms, kitchens, dressed as leftover avocados, and some are using the meme as a joke that they don’t have NYE plans.

The meme can essentially be used for anyone who has been captured sitting alone or to point fun at someone else who is.



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