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Ryan Thomas on Jeremy Vine - WATCH the full interview!

Ryan Thomas finally had the chance to watch back the footage where Roxanne Pallett claimed that he had punched him.

The Celebrity Big Brother 2018 star faced a tumultuous time in the CBB house when Roxanne claimed that he had punched her in the stomach, with a deliberate attempt to cause harm.

Roxanne has since apologised for the incident, claiming that she misread the situation while reinforcing that Ryan never deliberately set out to hurt her.

However, the damage was already done to Ryan, who believed the accusations were about to tear down his world and burn the career he had established as an actor.

Now, during an interview on Channel 5’s The Jeremy Vine Show, Ryan finally got a chance to watch back the moment where Roxanne accused him of punching her in the stomach.

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Ryan Thomas

Ryan’s Emotional Trauma

The most difficult part of Ryan’s interview on the show was when he rewatched some of his confessions in the Diary Room.

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Following Roxanne’s accusations, the 34-year-old Neighbours actor was left completely distraught.

He was under the impression that his wife, kids and entire U.K population believed that he had physically abused Roxanne.

Rory Bremmer Awkward Joke

Ryan watched the ‘shadow boxing’ footage as Jeremy talked through the incident.

However, panellist Rory Bremner chipped in with a tediously awkward and offish joke, as he punched Ryan on the arm to make a mockery of the incident.

Jeremy added “too soon”, which definitely felt like the general consensus as the mood in the studio turned slightly stale.

Watch the incident and the full interview here:


Roxanne Pallett Forgiveness

Ryan finished the interview by calling for the general public to forgive Roxanne and to move on.

Ryan said, on Channel 5’s The Jeremy Vine Show:

I think that Roxanne has been through a lot. Big Brother makes headlines, and sometimes for the wrong reasons. I appreciate Roxanne’s apology and I think it’s time we move on and look forward, and not dwell on the past because I think she has suffereed, or is suffering enough – I don’t want to be a part of that.



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