Ryan Thomas sleep talking is a family trait - Celebrity Big Brother!

Only eagle-eyed fans of Celebrity Big Brother caught the hilarious moment where Ryan Thomas was sleep talking.

The 34-year-old former Coronation Street actor mumbled a string of sentences as he dozed off in his eye mask.

But, it’s not the first time one of the Thomas brothers has put the art of sleep talking on display.

Scott Thomas sleep-talked on Love Island series 2!

Ryan Thomas Sleep Talking

At the end of day five in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Ryan and Kirstie Alley drifted off to sleep inside their luxurious ‘President’s’ pad.

However, as the camera zoomed in on Ryan, he was quite loudly sleep talking.

This wasn’t just random words or utterings, however, Ryan delivered a full speech!

25 minutes into his kip, Ryan said: This is now the vice president speaking. I would like to step up the game and make you all feel comfortable and put you in position.

President assistant can you please come forward.”

Clearly, someone is taking their Celebrity Big Brother role very seriously!

Girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh even jumped in on the action, tweeting about her noisy boyfriend’s late night antics.


Scott Thomas Sleep Talking on Love Island

Ryan’s younger brother and twin of Adam Thomas, Scott, also shares the same bedtime trait.

During 2016’s series 2 of Love Island, Scott was spotted having a bad dream about spiders.

The hilarious scene was captured by cameras as Scott woke up shouting. He then proceeded to point to the corner of the room as he attempted to make out that there was a spider in the room.

At least all of the Thomas family are enjoying the funny side of their sleep talking style!

What a family!



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