Sabrina has made her comeback on Return To Amish, which follows Amish and Mennonite lifestyles as they revisit their roots.

First launching as Breaking Amish back in 2012, Sabrina’s life is being featured, alongside cast members Abe, Jeremiah and Rebecca.

Since her return to Pennsylvania, viewers have already started asking questions about Sabrina’s pregnancy and love life.

So, who is Sabrina on Return To Amish? And who is the father of her baby?

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Who is Sabrina on Return to Amish?

Sabrina “Burkholder” High is a Mennonite, as seen on the TLC series.

This means she belongs to the church communities of Anabaptist denominations named after Menno Simons.

She is a mum-of-three, including to two daughters Oakley and Arianna, and son Zekiah, who she had in 2019.

Sabrina is currently pregnant with her fourth baby.

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Who is Sabrina’s baby daddy?

  • Jethro Nolt

Jethro is the father of Sabrina’s fourth baby, who is on the way.

He is Sabrina’s current boyfriend, who she has already shares one son Zekiah with.

Sabrina reportedly said that she wasn’t planning on becoming pregnant so soon after her third baby.

The father of Sabrina’s first two daughters is Harry Kreiser III, who was previously her on-off boyfriend.

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Where is Sabrina from Breaking Amish now?

The Return To Amish star previously suffered with addiction, but has since become sober and is now happily in a relationship.

She reportedly lost custody of her two daughters during her struggles with drug addiction, and they were adopted by their father Harry.

Sabrina is now celebrating sobriety, as seen on Return To Amish, and is currently living with her boyfriend.

Currently pregnant, her relationship journey is set to be shown on the TLC series, with spoilers alleging that she thinks he isn’t telling her the truth.

He reportedly decides to leave her the day before Father’s Day, and walks away from her when she accuses him of lying.



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