Sacha Baron Cohen has created some of the most memorable personas to ever appear in films and on television.

His Who is America? characters join an already sizeable list of hilarious incarnations.

Everyone has their favourite, be it Bruno, Borat, Ali G or maybe someone new from Channel 4’s Who is America?

Take a read through our ranking of his infamous characters and see if you agree… and if not, well, get your own f*ckin website.

9. Gio Monaldo

Italian billionaire and fashion photographer Gio resembles a hipster Gandalf. He hasn’t featured much in Who is America? so far, though, which is why he is ranked last in this list.

Nevertheless, his photo shoot with The Bachelor alum Corrine Olympios was both funny and painful to watch.

Gio Monaldo. Screen shot: Who is America? Season 1, episode 2.
Gio Monaldo. Screen Shot: Who is America? Season 1, episode 2.

8. Admiral General Aladeen

The Dictator had all the hype but not nearly as much critical success in comparison to Borat or Who is America?

A special mention must go to the Oscars red carpet, however, when Baron Cohen (as Aladeen) tipped ‘ashes’ onto Ryan Seacrest’s jacket.

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7. Rick Sherman

Rick Sherman is another Who is America? character that we haven’t seen enough of, although his sole appearance in the series was very memorable.

His art – created using his own faeces and sperm – was called “genius” by art dealer Christy Cones, who happily added her own pubic hairs to Rick’s pubic hair paintbrush.

Rick Sherman. Screen shot: Who is America? Season 1, episode 2.
Rick Sherman. Screen Shot: Who is America? Season 1, episode 2.

6. Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr.

Billy is a far-right conspiracy theorist and ‘journalist’ who self-publishes via his website

His interviews with former NBC anchor Ted Koppel and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders are both high profile and brilliant to watch. The look of pure bemusement on Koppel and Sanders’s faces is a solid reason to go back and watch episode one of Who is America?

Billy & Bernie. Screen shot: Who is America? Season 1, episode 1.
Billy & Bernie. Screen Shot: Who is America? Season 1, episode 1.

5. Bruno Gehard

Bruno was the second Sacha Baron Cohen character created specifically for a movie, with the film labelled as Sacha’s, arguably, most controversial film so far.

Bruno’s exploits saw him end his story making out with a man in a WWE ring, in front of hundreds of furious wrestling fans, who were hurling abuse and objects at the two embracing men.

Bruno may be controversial, but he shines a light on the heinous homophobia in America and across the world, so we thank him for that.

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4. Dr. Nira Cain-N’Degeocello

Dr. Nira is an odd one. On one hand, he is absolutely insufferable. He’s a product of the overly politically correct society we are currently in and that means he is admirable, familiar and slightly unbearable all at once.

His dinner with a Republican couple was bewildering, as he told the tale of his wife’s affair with a dolphin. It could’ve been a stretch too far had the couple not, somehow, fallen for it completely.

However, it’s his town hall meeting with a dozen or so Arizonites that really sticks in the mind. His apologetic style while pitching a mosque drew out some genuine racism from the crowd.

One man happily shouted out this…

Dr. Nira. Screen shot: Who is America? Season 1, episode 2.
Dr. Nira. Screen Shot: Who is America? Season 1, episode 2.

3. Borat Sagdiyev

We are going to get shouted out for putting Baron Cohen’s most famous character third on this list but, oh well.

Borat put Baron Cohen on the map. He won a Golden Globe for Best Comedy Actor and earned an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay, even though 90% of the film was entirely improvised.

Borat is a genius creation, however, this character gave us the mankini – we don’t thank him for that!

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2. Erran Morad

Erran is by far the best character in Who is America? He has been the highlight of every episode so far. His fake underwear sketch, in particular, is simply magic.

He also interviewed former Vice Presidplent (to the Bush administration) Dick Cheney and managed to get him to sign his waterboarding kit.

Erran’s Kinder-Guardians segment was also GENIUS. The amount of Republican politicians and supporters he duped into publicly supporting the scheme to put firearms in the hands of four to 12-year-olds was both ludicrous and frightening.

Erran & Dick. Screen shot: Who is America? Season 1, episode 2.
Erran & Dick. Screen shot: Who is America? Season 1, episode 2.

1. Ali G

Ali G has to top this list.

He was Baron Cohen’s first persona and is synonymous with Sacha and his style of comedy.

His TV show and movie are both classics, and it was Ali G who launched this dynasty of wacky, colourful characters. It all began with Ali, so this list has to end with Ali.

Wicked, wicked, jungle is massive…

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