Sam Thompson is HILARIOUSLY copying his sister’s Instagram pics

Sam Thompson is HILARIOUSLY copying his sister’s Instagram pics

Fans of Made in Chelsea and Celebs Go Dating can all agree that Sam Thompson is a pretty funny chappy.

However, his antics on Instagram have taken his levels of banter up a notch or two.

Roasting into his sister and fellow MIC star Louise Thompson, Sam has been producing identical pictures from his sister’s account.

Only, they’re a little less glamorous…

Modern & Glam

Sam started his mocking of sis Louise a couple of years ago.

Back in 2016 when he was still with Tiffany Watson, Sam was fed up of Louise’s bombardment of Insta posts while on holiday.

This was how he reacted…

Frilly & White

Smashing his record number of likes by a mile, Sam decided to follow up the photo one week later.

Squeezing into a snug little white dress, Sammy T proved that his humour has no boundaries.

Sleek & Slender

The series continued as Sam went on to mocking his sibling’s Insta taglines.

Here, he gimmicked: “Just being strong and independent in our misspap loungewear.”

Relaxed & Fitted

Quoting the famous ‘drawing scene’ from Titanic, Sam showed no haste in slipping into a bikini.

Admittedly, some Insta fans did find this one a little gross…

Black & Revealing

And as for this one.

Jesus Christ…

Stripes & Stretch

Donning makeup for the first time, Sam powered his series into 2017 by sporting some red lipstick.

What a pout!

Tartan & Bust

Following a three-month absence of Louise Thomson mockery, Sam came swinging back with the one.

Tight & Toned

Showing off those voluptuous curves, here’s Sammy-boy repping the classic activewear look.

A lot of comments were on Sam “missing leg day”…

Daring & Black

Coming towards the end of the series (so far) Sam found an almost identical outfit to Louise’s nightwear.

Leading us to think, how has he actually got such perfectly matching outfits…

Gold & Powerful

Perhaps the most peculiar pics of all, gold just doesn’t seem to suit Sam.

Or perhaps it’s the tightness…

Casual & Sassy

See, that looks much more natural…

Fish & Net

Finally, the last pic in the series so far, Sam uploaded this photo last week.

What an outstanding job at taking in the surroundings…

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