We found Sanaz from Skin Decision on Instagram: Updates in 2020

Skin Decision is proving that shows about plastic surgery go far deeper than what you see on the surface.

The new Netflix reality series launched on Wednesday, July 15th and has immediately won over viewers. Not only is it informative and educational when it comes to the powers of reconstructive surgery and procedures, but the show is changing peoples lives.

In every episode, Dr Sheila Nazarian and Nurse Jamie deal with two patients. For whatever reason, the patients have skin conditions which need expert care – whether that is rebuilding the skin from trauma, skin conditions or scarring.  Sheila takes on the surgical side, as a board-certified plastic surgeon; Jamie takes the non-invasive route, with treatments including lasers and microneedles.

Up first in episode 1 is Sanaz Aghachi, who was seeking help from the Skin Decision duo with her acne scarring. Find out about Sanaz’s skin journey here, from the show to updates in 2020. We found Sanaz on Instagram to see how she’s now doing.

Screenshot: Sanaz in Skin Decision S1 E1 – Netflix

Who is Sanaz?

Sanaz Aghachi, 30, is the founder of Trillion Candle. Trillion Candle is a luxury candle brand which was founded in 2015. When you burn down one of the candles, a diamond necklace is left at the bottom; it’s the ultimate luxury gift!

Sanaz is from Los Angeles, California.

She studied for a BSc in Management at California State University – Northridge. Sanaz then earned her diamond grader license from the Gemological Institute of America in 2014.

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Sanaz’s journey on Skin Decision

Sanaz is featured in the first episode, seeking Sheila and Jamie’s help after almost two decade of suffering from extreme acne. Sanaz had acne across her face and her back.

She was first diagnosed at age 11 with cystic acne. Over the years this developed into keloids and intensive scarring from the numerous treatments she underwent. For 19 years, Sanaz had undergone 50 procedures including Accutane, cutting out little holes in her face, laser treatments and chemical peels.

Nurse Jamie came up with a nonsurgical plan for Sanaz that included the use of laser resurfacing to kill the acne-causing bacteria, and smoothen the appearance of her scars. Another treatment they planned to use was radiofrequency to shrink the pores and tighten the skin.

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We found Sanaz on Instagram

Sanaz shared to Instagram thoughts about her experience. She wrote:

My face and back acne started at only the age of 10. I attempted everything with various skincare treatments & medications, but none of them were successful. My acne progressively kept getting worse and worse turning into cystic acne and keloids. You can see the pain I was suffering in these photos-my eyes were so red from crying. I was in pain physically, mentally and emotionally; water pressure from showers would hurt, my pillow cases and sheets were often filled with blood, I would always have to stay out of the sun, people would always ask me why my skin was the way it was and I never knew how to respond (I always felt so small and remember asking myself why I look like this ESPECIALLY when my mom has Barbie looking skin.) After trying many different avenues & not seeing results, I was finally prescribed Accutane for 8 months at 14 years old..Accutane costs thousands of dollars a month, but luckily it was covered by insurance for me. This is where my journey began and I’ll share with you all the treatments & procedures I went through and how much I’ve invested financially..stay tuned!

To keep up to date with the latest on Sanaz and her skin journey, you can follow her on Instagram @sanazaghachi




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