Sasha Allen's story: Sasha's struggle with coming out as transgender

Sasha Allen has been the hot topic of conversation since his appearance on The Voice, but what is his story?

Girl Named Tom were crowned as the winner of The Voice season 21 last month, followed by Wendy Moten in second and Paris Winningham in third. Although they didn’t make it to the final, Jim and Sasha Allen were adored by viewers, and certainly made their mark on the show.

Sasha and his father believed this was the ‘perfect’ time to tell his story to the world, and here’s everything we know…

The Voice | Season 21 First Look Trailer | NBC

The Voice | Season 21 First Look Trailer | NBC

The Voice: Sasha Allen’s story

Sasha Allen was the first transgender singer in The Voice history to make it past the battle rounds. He revealed on the show that he struggled with his identity growing up, as he always felt male despite being assigned female at birth.

He began his transition during his Freshman year, however sadly it wasn’t as easy as that. His transition was made difficult due to transphobia at school, not just from students but teachers too.

Sasha described his transition as a really hard experience, and he went through a lot of years “feeling a lot of pain and a lot of rejection”. In an interview on The Ellen Show, Sasha explained that he was worried about telling his story on a platform as big as The Voice, however reminded himself that:

“If I could just help one kid who’s in the position that I was in or help somebody to understand who knows nothing about trans people or has never met a trans person it would all be worth it”.

Sasha’s father is very supportive of his journey

Sasha and his father, Jim, entered the competition as a duo, and viewers were touched at how supportive he was of his story. When asked by Ellen DeGeneres how he processed Sasha’s transition, Jim noted that:

“It’s important to acknowledge that this would be disorienting for any parent especially when you take time to realize that the suffering that has been occurring is that your child has been dealing with this for years, coming to terms with it, finally having the courage to talk about it openly. That’s the time for the parent to listen, and to listen again and slow down and listen some more because that’s our job as parents.”

Viewers have taken to Twitter to praise Jim for his parenting. One user wrote: “Dad Jim you have my heart! An outstanding parent , a kind soul and a beautiful artist!”.

Catching up with Sasha on social media

The talented musician is active on multiple social media platforms. He has his own YouTube channel with 11.7k followers, where he uploaded a video discussing his surgery. He touched on the subject of ‘post-op depression’, which he hadn’t prepared himself for before, as this was his first time having surgery.

Sasha also uses his TikTok (754.7k followers) and Instagram (210k followers) platforms to touch on his experience being transgender. He revealed in an Instagram post in April 2021 that he used to photoshop his photos in middle school to make his body look how he wanted it to, and now it looks exactly like those photos.

He also posts his girlfriend, Brynn, on his social media. The couple are very open with their relationship, however Brynn keeps her life private to followers.



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