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ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 26
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Clayton Echard slams TikTok star Sasha Narang over cheating rumors

On April 9, TikTok star Sasha Narang claimed she hooked up with The Bachelor’s Clayton. However, the reality star has come forward and denied this.

Clayton had a dramatic ending when it came to The Bachelor. While the reality star did not walk away with any women, he did end up dating Susie Evans, the only woman who stood with him during the final rose ceremony.

The pair confirmed the same when the final episode of the show aired. However, since then, there haven’t been a lot of updates about the couple.

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um so i think i just ended the bachelor’s marriage last night (i had no idea) (wtf) #bachelor #mensuck #ohboy #exposed

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Who is Sasha Narang?

Sasha is a TikTok star who has over 175k followers on the platform. She often posts content on her TikTok to keep her followers engaged.

Most of her videos revolve around replying to her follower’s comments or doing a TikTok dance. She made headlines after the social media star alleged that she hooked up with one of the Bachelor cast members. At first, Sasha did not reveal the name of the man.

However, when a lot of people asked her about it, she mentioned Clayton in one of the comments. Since then, Sasha has disabled the comment section on her video.

What did Sasha say in her TikTok?

TikTok has received over 737k views so far. In it, Sasha said: “So, last night, I was in a bar, and it was a very dark room,” she began. “It’s hard to see people, and this guy came up to me. We were, like, kinda standing near each other. He starts talking to me. He’s very attractive. So, I’m responding, we’re kind of flirting. Then, he proceeds to ask me, ‘Do you watch The Bachelor?’ And I go, ‘No,’ ‘cause I’ve never seen it before … So, he tells me he was just on it.”

She continued: “So, I end up going back with him. Didn’t think anything was wrong with that. He approached me, he was flirting with me. Why would I assume he might be engaged? … He made it clear I couldn’t stay over, which is fine — I wasn’t intended on it. But he was very like, ‘You gotta go,’ And I was like, ‘OK, man, I’m outta here.”

While the TikTok video still exists, Sasha has disabled the comment section.

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What did Clayton say about the alleged cheating rumor?

Clayton was quick to slam these rumors as he denied these allegations on his Instagram stories. The reality star wrote: “People that make these false accusations should be held accountable. Trying to gain clout by ruining a relationship is embarrassing and extremely immature.”

The reality star also showed his location to prove that Sarah was lying. He said: “I can’t believe I’m addressing this, this is ridiculous. But let’s just make this as easy as possible.” He also shared a screenshot of the messages he exchanged with Sasha and stated he was at the gym during the time Sasha met she allegedly met him.

Following Clayton’s response, Sarah stated she was doing a live with Reality Steve and waiting to hire a lawyer who would guide her on what to say as a proper response. As of now, Clayton has not mentioned anything else.

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