Save Money: Good Diet: Who is Phil Vickery? Book, recipes and more!

ITV’s Save Money: Good Diet airs every Tuesday evening bringing the nation some genius ways to cut back on the calories and the overspending.

Sian Williams presents the 7:30 pm show exploring everything from nut milk to the best choices for your children’s’ lunchboxes.

And alongside Sian is the show’s cook, Phil Vickery. Each week Phil manages to turn one of the UK’s favourite dishes into a healthy version without losing flavour.

As Phil cooks up everything from chicken tikka masala to fish and chips, he tots up the price per head making extortionate savings.

Meet the Save Money Good Diet presenter Phil Vickery, from his career to his vast array of cookbooks!

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Save Money: Good Diet – Who is Phil Vickery?

Phil Vickery is a celebrity chef most recognised from working on This Morning since 1999 and Ready Steady Cook from 1996-2010.


He was born in Kent on May 2nd 1961 making Phil 58 years old in 2019.

The chef was the face of supermarket Aldi from 2008-2012 and Stork margarine in 2010. But it’s not just TV that Phil’s been involved in, he was the director and head chef at the Castle Hotel in Taunton from 1990-1999.

Phil is married to fellow TV presenter Fern Britton. They’ve been married since 2000 and the pair have a daughter together named Winifred. Phil is also stepdad to Fern’s three children, Harry, Jack and Grace, from a previous marriage to Clive Jones.

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Phil Vickery’s cookbooks

The 58-year-old has published tonnes of books in his time. He’s listed at least 18 titles on his website and the most current cookbook out is his Save Money: Good Diet book.

You can buy the cookbook online for around £9 from Amazon and other retailers.

Phil’s also written the ‘Ultimate Diabetes Cookbook’ which provides ‘delicious recipes to help you achieve a healthy balanced diet’. As well as his Gluten-Free cookbook which includes 175 recipes that will ‘revolutionise your diet’.

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Best recipes from Phil’s Save Money: Good Diet book

Save Money: Good Diet kicked off on ITV from June 11th 2019. The cooking show counts down the nation’s favourite dinners each week from number ten which was burger and chips.

From your favourite takeaway food to your go-to choice on the restaurant menu, Phil cooks a competitively-priced healthy version.

The programme shows viewers how to make these dishes healthier and cheaper in no time at all and now they’re all available in the chef’s latest book.

Starting at number ten with burger and chips, the nation’s favourites include cottage pie, spaghetti bolognese, pizza, lasagne, fry up, special fried rice, fish and chips and chicken tikka masala.

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