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Everything you need to know about The Cruise engineer Scott!

ITV’s The Cruise is back for a six-part series and this time the Majestic Princess ship is sailing from Shanghai to Sydney.

The series follows the lives of almost 5,000 passengers and the crew on board as they visit Sydney harbour, Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Zealand.

On board the vessel will be 3,500 customers and almost 1,400 crew members including the Hotel Services Engineer, Scott Grayson.

Here’s everything you need to know about Scott from The Cruise!

The Cruise Shanghai to Sydney – ITV

Scott Works Out

There’s nothing like having a strapping young lad on board the Majestic Princess ship when something goes wrong.

Scott is one of the ship’s engineers and enjoys lifting weights to stay in shape.

He is a Father

Since Scott last appeared on The Cruise, he’s married the girlfriend he met on board and they’re expecting a baby.

At the end of filming for the show, Scott went home for the birth of his new baby daughter, Emelia.

Scott Has a Dog

In an Instagram post of Scott in Darlington, U.K. he’s out and about on a dog walk with his adorable furry friend.

Scott’s life on board the Majestic Princess looks to be worlds away from anything in England.

In episode one, Scott faces his first challenge when the laundry conveyor breaks down.

On the ship, there can be up to 100 tons of laundry to get through every single day and Scott only has one hour to fix it!

Scott is a Geordie

Scott James Grayson is originally from Newcastle, although from his social media it looks like he lives in Brazil with his wife.

In episode one, Scott is far from home as he jumps aboard the ship from Hong Kong to Singapore.

Scott is a Clean Eater

The ship’s engineer prides himself on a healthy lifestyle.

Scott has 609 followers on Instagram which he keeps updated with his protein-packed dishes!

He also has 519 Twitter followers and says: “Food and Gym are the Ying and Yang’s of my life!”



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