Who is Moon Se-Hoon from Single’s Inferno and what’s his Instagram?

Who is Moon Se-Hoon from Single's Inferno and what's his Instagram?

Single’s Inferno, the Korean dating show, has become a hot topic on Twitter lately. We take a look at the Netflix show’s contestant Moon Se-Hoon in this article.

The show sees nine participants who travel to a remote island to find love. However, what makes it trickier is that Single’s Inferno cast members know nothing about each other’s jobs, age or personal life. They are essentially on blind dates and need to pick the right fit for them based on their personal assessment of the people they are with.

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Single’s Inferno | Official Trailer | Netflix

Single’s Inferno | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Moon Se-Hoon from Single’s Inferno?

As the show is still maintaining an air of mystery around Moon Se-Hoon, his profession and age are unclear. But, from the looks of it, Se-Hoon is in his mid or late 20s.

Se-Hoon, who introduced himself as an “unpopular” guy in the show’s first episode, is, ironically, pretty popular on Instagram. He has close to 150,000 followers on Instagram, where he often posts nostalgic pictures from his childhood.

Fans of the show can follow the star on the platform @moonofsh to swoon over his charming pictures. His account also tells us he is a dog lover.

The Single’s Inferno cast member’s Insta doesn’t reveal much about his profession either.

Who did Se-Hoon pick for the Paradise trip?

Single’s Inferno viewers know that Se-Hoon was attracted to Shin Ji-Yeon right away. He couldn’t help but swoon over her skin tone and described her as “pure.

However, Ji-Yeon did not reciprocate Se-Hoon’s feelings. When it was time for people to pick a partner for the Paradise trip, she chose Choi Si-Hun.

But, Se-Hoon wasn’t discouraged and has stayed focused on Ji-Yeon despite her lack of interest.

While fans found Se-Hoon’s attraction towards Ji-Yeon endearing at first, it looks like they are over it now.

The sixth episode of the show saw Se-Hoon winning the opportunity to pick a partner for paradise and to fans’ dismay, he chose Ji-Yeon.

It was certainly an exasperated eye-roll moment on the show as fans wondered why Se-Hoon isn’t making moves on two other women who are interested in him.

Fans react to contestant’s move in latest episode

Fans are taking digs at Se-Hoon since the latest episode of the show. Here are some notable reactions!

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