E4 series The Sex Clinic has been confirmed for a season 2.

The show gets close and personal with sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) in a format that makes you feel as comfortable as the guy whacking out his penis in front of the whole nation.

There’s charismatic doctors, a huge and colourful waiting room and charming Sex Clinic specialist Sarah Mulindwa, who works on the show as both a presenter and nurse.

Yup, a CV that requires you to be as delicate in hand with a microphone as it does cupping a pair of gonads. What a CV!

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Consultant Dr Naomi Sutton, nurse Sarah Mulindwa and health advisor Kevin Turner are joined by visiting 'sexperts'

Consultant Dr Naomi Sutton, nurse Sarah Mulindwa and health advisor Kevin Turner are joined by visiting ‘sexperts’

What is The Sex Clinic about?

According to statistics from Public Health England, an STI is diagnosed every four minutes in England alone, with the largest proportion of people within the 16 to 24 age bracket.

With this in mind, The Sex Clinic’s doors are open for a ‘full MOT’, as the show looks to breakdown taboos surrounding check-ups on your private parts.

And you, the lucky viewer, has the honour of viewing these ‘downstair‘ examinations on TV.

The Sex Clinics season 2: Start date

The start date for the brand new series of The Sex Clinic is Monday, February 24th. The series airs on E4 at 10 pm and will continue weekly.

Tweaks to the show will see deeper probes into broader topics beyond STI’s, exploring the UK’s shameless bedroom habits and the potential consequences that few people talk about.

Dr Naomi Sutton (Consultant Physician in Integrated Sexual Health), Sarah Mulindwa (Senior Sexual Health Nurse Specialist) and Kevin Turner (Sexual Health Adviser) will return to the show for eight episodes.


Behind the scenes with Sarah Mulindwa

TV presenter Sarah also works in radio, media and fashion, first appearing on E4’s The Sex Testers.

You can follow the 1883 Magazine fashion editor and Hoxton Radio presenter on Instagram under @sarah.mulindwa.

On Insta, Sarah has been giving fans a behind-the-scenes tour of the Sex Studio set with filming now in place. She also exclusively told Reality Titbit that The Sex Clinic is a very energetic place to be:

It’s exhausting filming because the days on set are very long. Although people only see three or four people per day we actually see more like 10 per day – not everyone makes the final cut. It’s a lot of fun though. Because we obviously have to ask very personal questions, chatting about sex is the perfect ice breaker. Once you’ve opened up about your downstairs bits then it’s easy to chat about anything with the clients.




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