Apply to be on ITV's Secret Crush: Series 2 start date explored!

ITV’s Secret Crush is a brand new series in 2021. After the first series has been such a hit, many people are wanting to apply to the show for series 2.

Secret Crush does exactly what it says on the tin – people reveal their secret crush and just to ensure that the pressure is at an all-time high, it’s broadcast to the nation to watch on in anticipation. Series 1 comes to an end on Monday, June 7th on ITV2.

Comedian Verona Rose is the first person to get acquainted with the Secret Crush cast members, speaking of series 1, Verona said: “We had snotty noses, lots of crying and some really dramatic confessions.” And with any luck, if the show is renewed, even more drama will be in store!

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Will Secret Crush be back for series 2?

Secret Crush series 1 ran from May 10th until June 7th 2021 and included a whopping 20 episodes. Multiple secret crushes are revealed in each episode with some couples left cringing and others pleasantly surprised to have been chosen.

Series 1 was announced by ITV in October 2020 and the TV production company only said they’d be making 20 episodes of the show lasting 60 minutes.

Series 2 is yet to be confirmed by ITV.

It’s likely that if the series is renewed, host Verona Rose will also return for the show.

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Secret Crush: How to apply for the show

If Secret Crush is renewed for series 2, it’s likely that applications will open soon.

For series 1, the application closing date was in January 2021 and the show aired in May.

Hull’s Daily Mail reported that the show was looking for secret admirers in November 2020, therefore applications for series 2 could be submitted in the winter of 2021.

ITV: The application process

The Secret Crush application process looks to be quite straightforward.

If you’ve got feelings for someone and you’re just bursting to tell them, then this is the show for you!

To apply for the show, applicants must be at least 18 years old. Email [email protected] or WhatsApp message “SECRET” 07810 848919.

Find out more about the casting process at Naked TV casting’s website.



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