Seeking Sister Wife star Jarod Clark and his family are newbies to the TLC show in season 3. Let’s get to know more about the man who came about the idea of having multiple wives after researching how tribes and kingdoms often featured kings who had many queens.

Jarod said: “Each wife played a part in that king’s life and in building and growing the kingdom“.

Seeking Sister Wife is filmed in Georgia and focuses on four families who are adding, or have added a sister wife into their lives. By the looks of the season 3 preview of Seeking Sister Wife, Jarod is looking for more than just one sister wife.

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Screenshot: The Clarks Have Tension With Kaleh | Seeking Sister Wife

Seeking Sister Wife: Who is Jarod Clark?

Jarod Clark is a new cast member on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife season 3.

He’s a father of four children who are aged between two and 13 years old, Prince, Alexis, Alejandro and Elise.

Jarod is in a plural relationship with his wife Vanessa and her sister wife Kayleh. While Jarod and Vanessa are out working, it’s Kayleh’s job to maintain their home.

Jarod practices polygamy, specifically polygyny, which sees one man married to several women.

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TLC: What is Jarod Clark’s job?

Jarod formerly worked in the military which is where he and his wife of 10 year, Vanessa, met.

Now, it looks as though Jarod has moved into the housing market and invests in real estate.

Six and a half years into his and Vanessa’s marriage, he proposed the idea of polygamy. Now, the couple goes out to work while sister-wife, Kayleh, looks after things at home.

Three and a half months after Jarod suggested polygamy to his wife, Kayleh joined the Clark family. Jarod said during the TLC show that he and Kayleh met at a lounge where she “ran the money box” and was working in security.

Is Jarod on Instagram?

Yes, Seeking Sister Wife fans can find Jarod on Instagram @madhousemuscle with over 20k followers.

Jarod describes himself on IG as a “Real estate Investor”, a “Life Coach/Personal Trainer” and a “Car enthusiast”.

Jarod’s “two beautiful queens” are also on Instagram as @yemayathequeen and @nafretirisekhmet.

The father-of-four often takes to IG to share photos of his cars, gym workouts and kids.

seeking sister wife jarod
Screenshot: The Clarks Have Tension With Kaleh | Seeking Sister Wife



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