Selling Sunset is topping Netflix charts all over the world in 2022 since season 5 dropped on April 22nd. The show is loved by reality TV fans who can’t get enough of Davina, Maya, Heather, Amanza and co. Between the million-dollar listings, the supercars, agents dripping in designer outfits and celebrity clients, there’s a whole lot of personal drama going on for the cast members.

Selling Sunset’s romantic drama, office flings and marriage breakdowns are a huge part of why viewers are so hooked. But, season 5 sees Jason Oppenheim blow Selling Sunset’s cover as he’s seen taking a ‘phone call’ with the iPhone camera app open, so let’s find out more about the real estate experts’ call…

Selling Sunset | Season 5 Official Trailer

Selling Sunset | Season 5 Official Trailer

Selling Sunset: Jason’s phone call explored

Selling Sunset season 5 episode 7 sees Chelsea Lazkani make her first deal and secure herself a desk at The Oppenheim Group.

Chelsea said: “I told you I was going to bring you a buyer. My client came to see the house… he’s presenting an astounding offer, $30,000 over asking…

After hearing the news on the Franklin property, Jason replied: “Ok, let me call my guy…

All seemed to be normal in the Oppenheim office until Jason then went off to ‘call his guy’.

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Jason’s camera app is open on the phone call

The Selling Sunset season 5 episode 7 scene took a left turn when fans spotted that Jason had his iPhone camera app open while staging the phone call.

Jason said on the phone: “All cash, two-week close, yeah, no, I figured, yeah.

He then re-entered the office and said: “Well, ladies, I’m a man of my word. So, I’d like you guys to meet the newest member of The Oppenheim Group.

Chelsea bagged herself a desk at the office, but the show may have exposed itself as being more staged than viewers thought.

Fans spot the Selling Sunset phone call error

Tonnes of Selling Sunset fans took to Twitter after noticing the phone call mishap.

One viewer tweeted: “Sorry but can we discuss the fact that Jason was clearly making a fake phone call on Selling Sunset and had his camera open the whole time?

More said: “I, too, love to use my camera app to make phone calls”.

Another tweeted:Absolutely obsessed with this scene of Selling Sunset where Jason is supposed to be talking on the phone but it’s just his photo app. all the deals and offers have been done ahead of time but they reenact it for the show and we get a photo app in lieu of a real phone call.

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