Seven before and after photos of Maura Higgins - Love Island star looks unrecognisable!
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Seven before and after photos of Maura Higgins - Love Island star looks unrecognisable!

Just when things on Love Island are starting to look peachy, what do the producers do?

Chuck in a load of absolutely stunning girls to shake things up, of course.

Episode 10 of Love Island 2019 saw Irish bombshell Maura Higgins quite literally shut down the show.

Here are seven unbelievable photos of Love Island 2019’s Maura – before and after!

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep9 on ITV2
Pictured: Elma and Maura enter the villa.

Maura Love Island: Before and after

A quick flick back through Maura’s old Depop account and the Love Island star looks almost unrecognisable!

Maura’s whole persona on Love Island has been confident, sassy and more than anything else – sexy!

The second she and boxer, Tommy Fury set eyes on each other viewers knew that all hell was going to break loose.

Although Maura looks pretty in her old photos she appears a much less spiced-up version of the girl we see today.

Here’s Maura before…

Maura Higgins Depop screenshot

Screen Shot: Maura Higgins Depop

And after…

Maura Higgins: Instagram

Although the 28-year-old has changed a lot since her very first posts on social media, she’s not trying to hide anything.

From the before and after photo’s on Maura’s Instagram it looks like she may well have had some lip filler injections.

The grid girl looks to have always been into fashion, modelling and her appearance – it’s safe to say she’s never been camera shy!

Here’s Maura before…

And Maura after…

Was Maura Higgins engaged?

It’s obvious that with the looks and charm of Maura, it wouldn’t be too difficult to get some male attention.

Maura’s old Instagram account showed that three years ago she was engaged!

We can’t be too sure who exactly she was engaged to, but this would have been when she was 25 years old.

Now at 28, Maura’s in the Love Island villa and she’s made it very clear that she’s on the hunt for a boyfriend on the ITV show.

Screenshot: Maura Higgins Depop



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