Eleven crazy hot photos of Francesca from Celebs Go Dating - Jack Fowler's date on Instagram
Screenshot: Celebs Go Dating Francesca 2019

Eleven crazy hot photos of Francesca from Celebs Go Dating - Jack Fowler's date on Instagram

Fans of Celebs Go dating have been blown away by brunette stunner Francesca.

Even Love Island hunk Jack Fowler was lost for words on his date with the 19-year-old from Essex, although he just about secured a second date thanks to some snake hips and gushing compliments.

We tracked down Franseca on Instagram to give you the lowdown on who she really is… but ended up completely mesmerised by a large portion of her pics. Check em’ out.

Screenshot: Celebs Go Dating Francesca 2019

Who is Francesca?

Francesca goes by the full name of Fransecsa Hope and she’s a 19-year-old photography student from Essex.

She met celeb Jack Fowler, 22, in episode 12 before also attending a date in episode 13.

While it doesn’t look the pair go on forge any sort of relationship, it does looks like Francesca will attend the Celebs Go Dating 2019 final in Tenerife.

She’s following Aliki, Luke, Tom and Poppy on Instagram – all the contestants who are likely to make the final, where they would have met each other.

Francesca Hope on Instagram

You can follow Francesca on Instagram under @fransecsahope_, where she has close to 5,000 followers.

Join the follow crew and you’ll have access to gems like this…

Cosplay Queen

This photo is just a little taster of some of the outfits to come in this article.

Angelina Jolie, Alicia Vikander, Francesca Hope – who does it better.

Triple B

Jack described Francesca as a “Triple B” girl on their date.

Brunette, beauty and booty – literally!

In the Limelight

Francesca certainly looks fit for a celebrity role, especially in this lime green turtle neck.

It’s not a look we can all pull off, but damn.

You’re Joking

If Jacky Fowler saw this, it might just blow his mind.

And for the DC Comics nerds out there, it might just blow your load.

Jack’s Presents?

It remains to be seen how head over heals Jack falls for Francesca in Celebs Go Dating 2019.

Either way, it’s going to take something special to muscle into her bed.




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