Seven Hunted 2020 contestants are still on the run - meet the Channel 4 cast

Hunted is back on Channel 4 in 2020 from Thursday, February 13th! As usual, the gripping series will air each Thursday night at 9 pm.

The Channel 4 show is clearly a hit with viewers as it’s now onto its fifth series which looks to be just as terrifying as the series’ that have preceded it. A further series, 6, is also confirmed for 2020, too.

Ready to outsmart, outrun and prove all the doubters wrong in series 5 are 10 contestants who have voluntarily decided to subject themselves to be ‘hunted’! Let’s meet the Hunted 2020 contestants.

Fugitive: – Daniel Ryder, Hayley Morrison, Antonia (Toni) Pugh-Thomas, Mervyn (Titch) Little, Francesca (Frankie) Greenidge, Daniel Edwards, Rob Ellington, Ben Arrowsmith, Jess Warr, Ella Tomkins

Hunted 2020 contestants: Frankie and Dan E – Frankie eliminated

Best friends Frankie and Dan are geared up to survive for 25 days of being hunted.

Frankie, 35, is a mum-of-one, as well as that, she’s a foster carer and also works as a contact supervisor accompanying children in care on family visits. Frankie got caught in episode 4 (Thursday, March 5th) after she and Dan separated.

Birmingham based Dan is 36 and runs his own landscape gardening business. Previous to running his own company, he worked for BT as a graphic designer. However, in 2016 Dan’s mother passed away causing him to make some life changes.

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According to Channel 4, Frankie and Dan “believe that going on the run may make or break them!”

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Frankie and Dan – Hunted 2020 contestants Channel 4

Jess and Ella

Jess, 22, and Ella, 23, are the next pair up for being pursued by an elite group of determined ex-military, law enforcement and security forces!

The couple have been together for eight years so we can assume that teamwork is a strength of theirs. Although they have said that they bucker, they’ll have to put their differences aside to beat the Hunters.

Their action plan involves ‘the four ‘f’s’ – Fugitive, Forests, Faith and Food!

Rob and Ben

Ready to take part in their all-time favourite show are Rob and Ben. The childhood friends are in with a chance of winning a share of £100,000.

It looks like Rob and Ben have studied previous episodes of Hunted closely. The pair are going into series 5 with some tactics: “I’ve seen previous contributors who walk for ages and tire themselves out – if you are physically tired then you are also mentally tired and that’s where poor decisions come from.”

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Hunted: Rob and Ben

Toni – eliminated

Fulham-based dressmaker Toni is seeing her time on Hunted as a welcome break from her demanding life by the looks of things.

She told Channel 4: “I get so bored of matching socks, cooking pasta and searching for lost homework in between holding down an extremely demanding and full-time job and could really do with some time off!”

Toni described herself as “very independent and at ease with her own company.” She has a fair deal of life experience behind her which should aid her on her Hunted journey. She’s cycled from London to Istanbul, London to St. Petersburg and across the Pyrenees!

Hunted 2020 contestants – Toni

Hunted 2020 contestants: Mervyn – eliminated

Mervyn, or ‘Titch’ as he’s known, is 78 years old and therefore Hunted’s oldest-ever fugitive.

He served 24 years in the military and police force which is where his flair for languages developed. Mervyn spent time working in the intelligence corps, so the Hunters may have a hard time tracking him down this series.

It wasn’t long before Mervyn was caught by the Hunted team.

Dan R and Hayley

Dan, 33, and girlfriend Hayley, 27, are the final couple taking part in series 5 of Hunted.

The pair hail from Wigan. And while Hayley works for the council, Dan co-owns 2 gyms and a health kitchen.

Dan told Channel 4 their reason for taking part in the show: “I decided to do Hunted as nobody won the last series and I thought I could win it, I thought I could do a better job. I told Hayley and she said to apply, called my bluff, then somehow, I ended up on the show.”




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