Seven stunning pics of Aliki on Instagram - Sam Thompson's Celebs Go Dating Tenerife date
Screenshot: Celebs Go Dating 2019

Seven stunning pics of Aliki on Instagram - Sam Thompson's Celebs Go Dating Tenerife date

Celebs Go Dating star Sam Thompson has decided to take Aliki Hewett with him to the E4 series finale in Tenerife.

Despite a seven-year age gap, the pair immediately hit it off on their bowling date in episode 4, before continuing to hook up with several more dates.

However, not all fans felt that Aliki and Sam were the perfect match, with some sections of Twitter keen to point out that she looked a little like Sam’s older sister, Louise Thompson.

Here’s a comparison between Aliki and Louise, with seven stunning pics from Aliki’s Instagram.

Screenshot: Celebs Go Dating 2019

Who is Aliki?

Aliki is a 19-year-old relocation manager from Tunbridge Wells, in Kent.

She cited her big fluffy pooch as her best asset during her Celebs Go Dating profile video, with shots of her dog tagged with “love of my life” on Instagram.

How adorable!

Aliki on Instagram

You can follow Aliki on Instagram under @alikihewett, where she has just over 1,500 followers.

Interestingly, she’s still followed by Sam – who has 750,000 followers – which hints that their romance could have continued after Celebs Go Dating 2019 was wrapped up.

What we do know for sure is that Aliki will attend the season finale in Tenerife alongside Sam.

Does she Actually Look Like Louise Thompson?

To help you make up your mind on whether Sam’s date looks like his sister (ew!) here are some of Aliki and Louise’s best Insta shots.

Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Aliki Hewitt:

Louise Thompson:

When is the Celebs Go Dating 2019 Finale?

Although we still have lots more dates to see, we know that viewers are already excited for the series finale to see if any of the celebs manage to find their true match.

The 20th and final episode of Celebs Go Dating 2019 will air on E4 on Thursday, March 21st.



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