Seven Year Switch: Tom PROPOSES to Rachel - They've now split up!

The final epode of Seven Year Switch brought a huge shock as Tom busted out a marriage proposal in his attempts to save his relationship with Rachel.

Tom and Rachel entered the show with their relationship on the rocks, hoping two-weeks apart on separate remote islands in Thailand would help them to turn things around.

Seemingly, with Tom getting down on one knee during the grand finale, it looked like the couple had patched things up.

Then again, here’s a tweet from Tom announcing that they have broken up… WTF!

What Happened in the Episode?

With the ‘switch therapy’ over, Rachel and Tom went back to their normal lives in the U.K.

After a short period of time, they met up with the Seven Year Switch experts to give their final say on whether they wanted to stay together.

Rachel carefully teetered into the conversation saying she didn’t want to leave her man.

Screen Shot: RACHEL – Seven Year Switch, C4

Before BAM! Tom swooped in with a smooth one-liner and a proposal out of nowhere!

Screen Shot: TOM – Seven Year Switch, C4

Screen Shot: Seven Year Switch, C4

Screen Shot: Seven Year Switch, C4

Screen Shot: Seven Year Switch, C4

Twitter was shocked at the sudden proposal…

Although, of course, it was cut short.

Remember that tweet? (SPOILER ALERT)

What Happened in Real Life?

According to Tom, the final episode of Seven Year Switch was filmed one year prior to airing on Channel 4.

This means that there has been a huge period of time since the proposal.

We’re not entirely sure how long it was before the self-confessed “geeky man-child” and Rachel broke up, although we do know it must have been an agonising 12 months trying to keep the news under wraps.

A nice touch also saw Michelle Bingley, who was partnered with Tom over the course of two-week ‘wife swap’, tweet out that she has remained close friends with Tom.

Nice touch, that.

Catch up with every episode of the series on the Channel 4 player.

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