How many kids does Selling Tampa star Sharelle Rosado have?

How many kids does Selling Tampa star Sharelle Rosado have?

Sizzling hot new realty reality series Selling Tampa dropped on Netflix on December 15th, 2021. Sharelle Rosado and her team at Allure Realty are showing everyone how it’s done as they get multi-million dollar listings for properties in Florida and the all-female cast is making a killing and looking incredible while doing it.

As well as shining a spotlight on the working lives of the Allure Realty employees, the series takes a look at the personal lives and relationships of the women, too. From the dynamics between the group to their trials and tribulations behind closed doors at home, there’s all kinds of drama on Selling Tampa in 2021. Here’s more on Sharelle Rosado’s kids and family life…

Selling Sunset & Selling Tampa | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Selling Sunset & Selling Tampa | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Sharelle Rosado on Selling Tampa

Anyone who has streamed Selling Tampa will know that there’s no Allure Realty without the main woman in charge – Sharelle Rosado.

She’s a leader through and through as she spent 10 years in the US Army.

Moving on from being a paratrooper, Sharelle opted for a career change into real estate and opened her own brokerage in 2019.

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Who is Sharelle’s boyfriend?

During Selling Tampa, it’s revealed that Sharelle is in a relationship with former American football player Chad Johnson.

Sharelle is 34 years old and Chad is 43. He already has seven children and Sharelle calls him on FaceTime during the series to reveal that the couple is having a baby.

Find Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson on Instagram @ochocinco where he has 1.8m followers.

How many kids does Selling Tampa star Sharelle Rosado have?

Sharelle Rosado has three children and combining Sharelle and Chad’s kids, they have 10 all together.

However, during Selling Tampa, Sharelle announces that she’s pregnant, which means that baby number 11 will be here in no time.

Speaking about her family in episode 7, Sharelle said: “I’m a little nervous to tell Chad about the pregnancy because I have three kids, Chad has 85, no for real, Chad has seven kids, with this one in the oven, that’s 11.

Sharelle later tells her kids, Ariana and Denim, the news of her pregnancy and a potential relocation to Miami.

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