Love Island 2020: Shaughna Phillips’ Grenfell heroics explained

Love Island 2020: Shaughna Phillips’ Grenfell heroics explained

Love Island 2020 is well into its first week and the drama has already started.

Shaughna Phillips has been digging Callum Jones and her territorial side came out as the 25-year-old declared that she ready to fight for “her man” in episode 3.

An early favourite, Shaughna has taken audiences by surprise due to her political background, benchmarked as the 2020 cast members with some brain between her skull.

Rumours online via Facebook, Instagram and even news outlets such as The Sun have suggested that Shaughna Phillips was even involved in the aid process following the Grenfell Tower fires. Here’s everything we know!

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Who is Shaughna Phillips?

Love Island beauty and Democratic Services Officer Shaughna is more than happy to prove she is more than just a pretty face. In her introduction video,  Shaughna said that she is “definitely confident when it comes to her looks but thinks her personality tops it.”

Shaughna isn’t the first Love Island cast member to work in politics. In the 2018 edition of the show, Zara McDermott entered as a former government policy advisor.

After the show, Shaughna has advised she would like to go into politics and has also asked her boss to keep her role open for her.

What was the Grenfell Tower disaster?

A tower block in West London called Grenfell was struck with tragedy back in 2017 when a huge fire broke out throughout the 24-storey building. Sadly, 72 people died, as the disaster became one of the worst fires since the second world war.

People around the world clubbed together to help those who were victims of the tragedy a sense of community was brought back to West London, with volunteers feeding and clothing those involved and others offering their homes.

Even when the fire was put out, the concern for those involved didn’t end there.

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How did Shaughna help out?

Shaughna, who in her role as a Democratic Services Officer in Lambeth in South London, helped out after the Grenfell fire.

Her role as a Service Officer consisted of making Lambeth the best it can be and ensuring that everything was above board. Following the tragedy of the Grenfell fires, the 25-year-old worked in a fire safety team that was put together to make sure all front doors within council tenants properties were fire-safe or refitted.

Shaughna advised that the job was overwhelming at first yet knowing the good of the dead made it much easier to carry out.




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