Shea McGee's age: We found when the Dream Home Makeover star celebrates her birthday!
Shea McGee on Dream Home Makeover, Netflix

Shea McGee's age: We found when the Dream Home Makeover star celebrates her birthday!

Dream Home Makeover landed on Netflix on October 16th and some fans wonder what Shea McGee’s age is.

Netflix has brought a brand new renovation series to help audiences through the prolonged lockdown around the world.

As people spend more time indoors now, many have been binge-watching makeover programmes for some interior design inspiration.

Dream Home Makeover premiered its first season on October 16th and while fans watch the programme for its amazing house transformations, some want to find more information about the main star, Shea McGee.

So, what is Shea McGee’s age?

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Shea McGee on Dream Home Makeover, Netflix

Who is Shea McGee?

Shea McGee is the interior design and creative expert on Dream Home Makeover.

According to her website, she studied Communications at university but soon realised that her real passion was home and furniture design.

Shea was one of the first influencers to document her house transformation and gained a lot of followers on Instagram.

In 2014, she and her husband Syd McGee took the leap and launched the interior design firm Make Life Beautiful.

Two years later, Shea and Syd set up their e-commerce brand, McGee & Co, and now the couple have their own Netflix series.

Screenshot: Dream Home Makeover trailer, Netflix

Shea McGee: Age

Shea McGee is 35 years old. She was born on July 5th, 1985.

Shea’s zodiac sign is a Cancer and if you have a family member or a friend with that sign, you will probably know that they have many home-based hobbies and love everything about the home life.

People who are Cancer feel most protected and comfortable at their homes and Shea’s zodiac sign might have inspired her to use her natural skills and knowledge to create beautiful interior transformations for others.

This year, Studio McGee’s website created a special birthday post about Shea which reveals some cute photos of Shea as a baby.

You can read the full story from their blog.

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Shea McGee: Instagram

While Shea has a personal Instagram account, she has kept it private.

That’s no brainers since the Dream Home Makeover star is enjoying more media spotlight now – first on social media and now with the Netflix series.

Shea can be found under the handle @sheamcgee, while her husband Syd is on Instagram @syd_mcgee.

For all your home renovation inspo, you can follow their business Instagram account.



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