Get to know Shin Ji-Yeon from Netflix's Singles Inferno

Get to know Shin Ji-Yeon from Netflix's Singles Inferno

Singles Inferno is a brand new dating show to Netflix which sees singletons arrive on a deserted island. The Korean series dropped on Netflix on December 18th and there are more episodes to come weekly.

Episode 1 of the new series sees the cast get acquainted with one another. For some, it’s love at first sight but others need some time to work out who they like. Some of the contestants have admitted that money and looks are priorities when it comes to finding a partner, while others said that personality is the most important thing. Let’s find out more about Shin Ji Yeon from Singles Inferno.

Single’s Inferno | Official Trailer | Netflix

Single’s Inferno | Official Trailer | Netflix

Meet Shin Ji Yeon

Shin Ji-Yeon is the first woman to enter the Singles Inferno and joins Kim Hyeon-Joong and Moon Se-Hoon during episode 1.

She says during her introduction video: “When it comes to dating I know what I want. will easily turn down a guy who isn’t my type.

She also said: “When someone is my type, I try to be more straightforward. When I like someone I try to respond enthusiastically. Personality matters a lot to me, I like people who can influence me in positive ways.

The age and profession of the Singles Inferno cast members haven’t been revealed as of episodes 1 and 2.

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Shin Ji Yeon on Singles Inferno

Things get interesting during Singles Inferno episodes 1 and 2 as the contestants have to decide quite quickly who it is they like the most. Shin Ji Yeon said on the show that she thinks her “positive vibes, empathy and her hands” make her a charming person.

Moon Se-Hoon seemed to like Shin Ji Yeon right from the word ‘go’ as he offered her a cushion when she first arrived.

Some of the guys, including Choi Si-Hun, on the show also mentioned that their first impression of Shin Ji Yeon was that she’s “pure” and they liked her smile.

Is Shin Ji Yeon on Instagram?

Yes, Shin Ji Yeon can be found on Instagram @jiiiyeonie_ with almost 11k followers.

She only has 10 Instagram posts at the time of writing, with her first post dating back to November 29th, 2021.

The Singles Inferno star may have created the IG page as a new one for her Netflix fans following the filming of the show.

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